Custom Subliminal Messages: Can You Lose Weight With Them?

By: Trevor Johnson

My neighbor has been talking about custom subliminal messages as if they were magic. She says she has lost ten kilos with some music tapes that she has been listening to. But, she did not give up her regular gym program though. She asserts results of exercising manifested only when she started listening to the music with the custom subliminal messages.
There is nothing mysterious about custom subliminal messages. They are a simple psychiatric tool. Psychiatrists differentiate between the conscious and the subconscious mind. Any messages and ideas sent directly to your mind are analyzed based on your concepts and beliefs. However, the subconscious mind is considered to be more impressionable. When a combination of audio-visual messages or separate audio and visual cues are sent to your subconscious mind, psychiatrists say you are impacted more. This is because the analytical mind cannot interfere with the interpretation of that message for you. In the weight-loss industry, experts say you are more likely to give up high-calorie food after regular use of custom subliminal messages given to you in exercise music than just being told to eat properly.
The advertising world is based majorly on custom subliminal messages. Preferences or suggestions to buy certain products can be cleverly entwined in music and short movie clips. Custom subliminal messages are not like hypnotizing you. They are only suggestions to help you improve your life in areas of fitness, confidence etc. Custom subliminal messages are like teachers giving you instructions again and again. Neither can custom subliminal messages harm you or force you to do things against your ethics.
The technique of custom subliminal messages was first discussed by E.W. Scripture in The New Psychology in 1898. Advertising companies and propaganda experts have been accused from time to time of influencing markets for financial gains.
It is the therapeutic purpose of custom subliminal messages that has become most popular today. There are hundreds of manufacturers offering CDs with music and videos using custom subliminal messages for weight loss, greater confidence, healing, emotional strength etc. All you usually have to do is hear these hour-long CDs every day. The verdict is still divided about the benefits though. Still, if you do intend to try tapping the power of your subconscious mind, do check the credentials of the manufacturer before you buy or download any material.

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