Curved Stairlifts: The Freedom And Independence

By: Rob Rodricks

Curved stairlifts go a long way to realize your independence at home. One needs to think practically and allocate a certain budget to invest in curved stairlifts. With the help of stairlifts, one can live with freedom but it is important to consider the initial upfront cost which is gigantic. There is a huge difference in the features offered in curved stairlifts as well as those offered in straight stairlifts.
The worth of having a stairlift is extremely huge and one needs to gauge whether it is feasible to buy second hand stairlifts or go for new ones with the help of monthly installments. The cost varies tremendously in both regards. It also depends on the model of the stairlift that you want to invest in for your house. Additionally, there are installation charges to be taken care of along with the minor tweaks and changes that you would find useful.
The standard price of a straight stairlift is in the price range of a whopping 1,100. Alternatively prices for curved stairlifts are even steeper since they are mostly customizable.
One should know that the average lifespan of the stairlifts are nearly ten years at the max which means that they cost about 9.12 a month. One would also have to associate the cost involved in daily chores which means that the overall cost on a daily basis comes to making tea in a kettle.
You can reduce the investment drastically down by renting them on a monthly basis. This is usually not possible in view of the curved stairlifts which are customized such that they are aligned to the existing staircases in the house. It is extremely difficult to find a custom product which can match your house stairs. A good reconditioned stairlift can reduce the overall costs by half but then, they might not prove to be of much use. If you get the exact match of curved stairlifts, then it is an investment worth the money. Here are some benefits associated with the curved stairlifts:
They provide exceptional freedom for old members of the family who would not have to rely on outside help for going up and down the floors of the house.
There is no need of a caretaker for assisting the older members since stairlifts help make the person independent.
They assist in reorganizing the house well and are usually hassle-free after installation. One can even do the daily chores even at the time of installation.
They add glory and immaculate beauty to the house since they modify the house elegantly without much breakage.
It also helps members of the family who were thinking of moving elsewhere because of the size of the house and the maintenance associated with it. It is very time consuming to move and also means many changes in the routine
One cannot get most old members to go up and down the stairs without fear of falling. These gadgets serve the purpose in allaying fears.

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