Cupcake Mould – Things to Know Before You Buy a Set

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It is difficult to believe that a mouthful of cake can pack such a lot of delicious punch. That is a cupcake for you – small, sinfully yummy and a wonderful dessert. The good thing is that these little beauties are not tough to make. The supplies you need to make them are also easily available. So, all you have to do is buy a set of cupcake mould and get to work on the preparation. However, before you buy a mould, here is some information about them.

Features to look for before you buy a cupcake mould

In order to make the baking process more convenient, you need to buy a good set of moulds. The most popular moulds are the ones made of silicone. This material is resistant to damage from heat and moisture. Silicone does not corrode. So, it is one of the best materials to put in the oven.

When you buy a mould, there are two very important features to look for. First, the mould should be of the right size. Second, it should be easy to maintain. You can buy a dishwasher safe mould to reduce the demands on maintenance. As far as size is concerned, you can buy one mould each of standard size and mini size. If you plan to use the mould for kids' projects, a miniature sized mould makes a good purchase.


Silicone moulds and liners are capable of handling extreme temperatures without undergoing any kind of damage. Nevertheless, before you use them, read the instructions given on the package and ensure their suitability for different temperatures.

Second, while silicone moulds can be placed directly on the heated surface, silicone liners should never be used on direct heat. If you place them on hot plates in the oven or on stove tops, they simply melt. So, always use them inside the mould and pour batter into them before placing inside the oven.

The third major precaution is that you should never use sharp objects such as knives and forks to extract the silicone liners from inside the mould. Use wood spatulas or spoons. Sharp objects cause scratches on the surface and damage the mould.

Treating silicone moulds before use

Before using the mould to make cakes, wash it thoroughly in soap water. Also wash the silicone liners. Make sure that all traces of soap are completely removed from the mould. Before placing the liner in the mould grease it with oil or butter. This process has to be repeated before every use.

Treating silicone moulds after use

If you purchase moulds that can be washed in the dishwasher, you can load the mould in the machine. However, do not put silicone liners into the dishwater. Wash them manually and thoroughly. Wash them in soapy water so that all traces of oil and grease are removed. If traces remain, they accumulate dirt and gradually reduce the quality of mould.

So, now that you know about cupcake moulds, you can begin baking these lovely delicacies. Explore your creativity and decorate the cakes innovatively.

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