Crucial Steps And Tips to Keep Your Dentures from Eroding

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Dental partial is a form of fake teeth that is used to fill in the empty spaces in your mouth, where there are missing teeth. Unlike dentures, partials are worn over the teeth, fixed with either a metal or an invisible clasp. Dental partials require the same care that your regular tooth does, maybe even more. Being lax with the oral care routine can cost you trouble, if you are not careful. Complied in this article are step-by-step guidelines that will help keep your dental partials in their prime condition for a prolonged duration of time.

Step 1 – Fill a sink with tepid warm water and submerge the dental partials in the sink. Rinse the partials thoroughly in the warm water to remove any residue of food particles or debris.

Step 2 – Put yourself in the habit of cleaning your dentures at least twice a day. Use a toothpaste that is ADA approved and has been specifically designed to be used both on dentures and partials. Apply a small amount of toothpaste in a soft bristled brush and start scrubbing the dentures gently with it in a circular motion. Once done, rinse the dental partials in lukewarm water to remove toothpaste residue.

Step 3 – For thorough cleaning, you can also sprinkle some baking soda on the dental partials, then allow it to remain for couple of minutes before washing it clean.

Step 4 – Dental partials are expensive yet fragile, you need to administer extra precautions when handling them. The partial dry out and lose its shape easily, if left out for a prolonged period of time. Before going to sleep, place the partial in a cup filled with denture-soaking solution. In the morning, rinse the partial in warm water and place it back in your mouth.

Step 5 – Regularly examine your partials carefully, if you notice any chipping, wear or crack on your partials, contact your dentist immediately.

Step 6 - You do not have to resort to harsh chemicals to keep your dentures clean , there are inexpensive substitutes available around your kitchen that can do the trick. Mix an equal portion of vinegar and water in a plastic cup. Stir the cup gently until the ingredients blend well. Place the partial in the solution and allow it to soak for 30 minutes minimum. The solution will not only break any tartar build-ups, but also kill fungus. After 30 minutes, remove the partial from the cup and rinse it clean. Take care not to use the cleaning method more than once a week.


• Refrain from soaking your partial dentures in bleach solution, the harsh bleach will cause the denture to corrode and affect their soft lining material.

• Avoid using any cleaning solution to keep your dentures clean. Test run it on an inconspicuous area, if you notice any irritation or bleeding of gums, discontinue it immediately and consult with your doctor.

• For slightest discrepancy, contact your dentist immediately; never try to repair the dentures yourself. A single wrong move on your side can cause acute discomfort and swelling inside your mouth.

• Avoid using your regular toothpaste on dentures; its abrasive substance can cause the denture to erode overtime. Use only the paste that is a doctor-recommended one.

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