Crossing the Barriers to Staying Sober

By: David Peters

Make up your mind to stop drinking "Chance favors only the prepared mind". You crazy, you binge so much you don't have any chance at all to stop drinking. Does your inner self say this? Fight against it. In your decision to stop drinking, the first barrier you need to cross is your negative self. Be positive you can stop drinking. Well get alcohol out of sight. Gift your bottles to your enemy!....

Take a break, away from home on a vacation for a day or two. Recollect the moment you were fired by your boss for not completing an important project; he blocked your salary hike because of that, you were drunk and mesmerized in a different world when you had to complete that project. You lost your promotion, a salary hike a loss this year!

Your wife wanted a break from work to baby sit, but she was not able to afford it because you did not earn enough. She had to leave your 30-day old child in daycare! She has to work in the household, work in her office, baby sit and care for the baby through the night; she has developed black circles because of disturbed sleep. She does not hate you after all this bitter events; she still likes you, waiting for you to change one day. At last you have decided to stop drinking. Through your entire stop drinking vacation meditate that you will never drink again.

Nobody will laugh at you over your decision to stop drinking. They will support you and care for you more. Communicate to others that you have decided to stop drinking. Tell your friends, love, spouse that you are going to stop drinking. Get tips from them on how to stop drinking.

Get together with a group of friends who sail in the same boat as you. Who wish to stop smoking. Discuss on how to stop drinking as a Team. TEAM- Together Everyone Achieves More! Oops! Together Everyone Drink Less-TEAL. Group projects work miracles. So work as a TEAL! Alcoholic Anonymous is an example of a TEAL.

It is a common happening that many do skip the idea of quitting alcohol. Having failed multiple attempts you might be ashamed to declare time and again that you are going to stop drinking. Alcoholic Anonymous is a very good solution if your have faced any of these fits. The people at AA will help you; motivate you, to quit drinking. All that you need to do is register with them and declare you want to quit. The rest assured. They are behind you! You will be surprised they care for your sobriety more than yourself.

Well, you may be tempted at those social events to go for an alcohol. You may have a hard time keeping way from them, in such an event avoid that party you are not going to loose anything. Remember your friends are not going to pay all your bills. When you helplessly need to attend that social event go with a strong willed and determined friend, your very close pal who will take all his rights and might to keep you away from drinking, who may not dare to even slap you right away if you are behaving a too much. Give him the rights to slap you if you are crossing your limits. Tell him to take you to a doctor if you experience withdrawal symptoms. Seek immediate medical attention if you are tempted beyond limits.

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