Crock pot cooking is extremely easy to do and breakfast.

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You get up in the morning and you get ready for your day. And of course, you grab a piece of toast, some cold cereal or a cup of coffee and you rush out the door. You don't think about the fact that not eating breakfast is the reason you lose your fire and energy by ten o'clock in the morning. Instead, you think you're losing your energy because you're not getting enough sleep. So the next morning, you go ahead and sleep in an extra fifteen minutes so you're shaving your face (guys, you know you've done this or at least thought about it) or putting on your makeup (ladies...please) while you're driving down the freeway at eighty miles an hour. For more details .And of course, you completely skipped your meager breakfast and you'll do it again tomorrow. It's the beginning of a vicious cycle that has the potential to go on forever, affecting your sleep, your work performance and yes, even your weight, stress levels and mood.

To avoid the vicious cycle that leads to everywhere you never want to be, the first thing you have to do is commit to eating breakfast everyday. If you're worried that you won't be able to commit, there are ways you can help yourself.

My favorite suggestion to offer up to breakfast skippers everywhere is that they need to purchase a crock pot. In fact, if you've ever been married (especially if you live in the Mountain West) you probably received one as a wedding gift, so you can just dig it out of the cupboard. Crock pot cooking is extremely easy to do and breakfast crock pot recipes are in high demand and high supply all over the internet and crock pot cook books.

With a crock pot, you can put your breakfast in when you go to sleep at ten o'clock at night and it will be finished when you get up at five o'clock or six o'clock. For more details .If you don't feel comfortable leaving your crock pot cooking overnight, you can always prepare a more simple crock pot breakfast recipe first thing when you wake up and it will prepare itself while you're getting ready.

However, whether you choose to use the crock pot recipes available to you on the internet and in crock pot recipe books or you decide to stick with a couple of eggs with your piece toast and cup of coffee, it's important to remember that you can't hit the snooze button twice every morning if you want to break free of the cycle.

As a perpetual snooze button pusher myself, I've learned to set the alarm 30 minutes earlier, so I can hit the snooze button twice and still get up in time to cook my crock pot breakfast recipes that get me through the morning at my computer.

Since I've learned to love breakfast and my crock pot, I've been exceedingly more productive. You can balk at opinion but you just can't balk at science and logic.

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