Cribs for a Versatile Nursery for a New Born Baby

By: Julien Raynal

A new born baby doesn’t require much except a comfortable, quiet and safe place to sleep. Therefore the type of furniture you choose and the location needs to be safe and practical. Shopping for a crib can be time consuming and frustrating. It is therefore important that you educate yourself before hand. If you choose to buy a used crib or you are handing down a crib from an older sibling there is important information that you need to know. Check the latest government recall list to make sure you are purchasing something that is safe. Arming yourself with knowledge will make the crib hunting a more enjoyable experience.

If you plan purchasing a used or using a hand-me-down crib: Make sure that the cribs structure is strong and firm and doesn’t move around. The mattress must fit the crib snuggly allowing no room for a new born to get caught. Make sure the crib is relatively new and meets with the federal safety standards.

The crib should be free of damage like cracks, or missing slats and splinters that may harm your baby. The slats should be no more than 6 cm apart. If you are using a hand-me-down crib, make sure it is up to code. If you are expecting a new born and have an infant still in the new born crib, it is best to transition the infant early to the a new toddler bed. This process can turn into a time consuming experience.

There is a vast variety of toddler beds to choose from. Toddler beds are affordable ranging from $50 dollars to $500 or more. There are many different types of toddler beds made of many different materials and styles. Some are simple and resemble miniature beds and others are more complex resembling cars. Toddlers should go along on that shopping trip to choose their new toddler bed. Do this in plenty of time before the new born arrives. This gives the toddler time to detach from the crib. There is also variety of fun designs of beddings for toddler beds to choose from. The toddler can choose bedding sets with their favorite character on them, giving a sense of ownership. If the transition is done early enough, the toddler will have no attachment to the crib when the new born arrives home.

If purchasing a new crib for your new born consider purchasing cribs that convert to toddler beds then to twin beds. These cribs may seem costly at the onset but have many advantages. You avoid having to “move” your toddler to a toddler bed. This transition can be traumatic for the child. This option avoids such event. Make sure you buy a bed with neutral colors because as the child grows, so does their taste in the room décor change.

There is a wide variety of cribs on the market, with prices ranging from $100 dollars for a small portable crib to close to $2000 for the upper end convertible cribs. Choose a crib that fits in your budget and matches your nursery design and style.

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