Credit Resurrection

By: Mia Phillips

A credit reporting agency has 30 days, I say it again 30 days to resolve a dispute. If they cannot prove that account is 100% acquired, then the item you are questing by LAW has to be taken off. So you know what I did? I went down the list and marked them all. I would encourage that you do the same it doesn't matter if they are yours or not, dispute them anyway, you might be lucky and have some taken off that are yours.

Jack develop an old account for a major chain stock that he was allegedly late on, he asked his wife Jill if she ever opened an account at the chain store and she said no, well neither have I, so Jack disputed it and had it removed. Those are the types of things that you need to look for, they make a huge difference on your credit score.

Now that you have the determined information that they do, you should feel empoweredempowered, it took me years and lots of time and study to know what you know now. You can take control of your credit. The credit report is a sharp tool that can be used in your favor if you know how to use it and now you know more then seventy five percent of the people. Just hold on and hang tight because there is still a lot more to come……

Have piece of mind again, you will develop a attitude of being in charge of your credit score and not your credit score being in charge of you.

Remember that Thomas Edison dreamed of a lamp that could operate be electricity, despite more then Ten Thousand failures he stood by that dream until he made it into reality. All who succeed in life get off to a bad start and pass through many heart breaking struggles before they arrive at the turning point in there lives. Those who succeed usually come to a moment of some crisis, through which they were introduced to there "other selves". This is your turning point

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