Credit Card Benefits Including Rewards Programs and Points

By: Caden Flynn..

It is interesting to note how fast things change in today's world. Credit cards, for example, used to be a privilege to have, but they have almost become a necessity in today's world. In fact, a lot of people carry not just one but many different credit cards. Why do many people find them so necessary?
First is the convenience factor. Credit cards can be much more convenient when compared with cash, because you don't need to carry cash with you in order to make a purchase, just one piece of plastic. Credit cards are now accepted almost anywhere, and unlike cash, they can be used for online shopping.
The second benefit of credit cards is emergency help. If you run into a financial problem or an emergency situation and need immediate money, your credit card is easily accessible for help. Especially when compared to the alternative of waiting for your paycheck, credit cards come in very handy in an emergency.
Not only can credit cards save you in emergencies, but they also offer many options in everyday life. For example, shopping is very convenient, and often offers discounted rates over retail shopping. In fact, many items today are only available online, so you could miss out on opportunities if you do not have a credit card to shop online.
In addition, you can use a credit card to buy something that you need now, but pay it off later. In other words, you will not have to wait for the next several paychecks to save up for something that would be useful to have now.
Credit cards are also much safer to carry than cash. You do not have to show a stack of bills when paying for a purchase, which can be an invitation to muggers or thieves. On the other hand, credit cards are not such an invitation to steal. They can easily be traced, unlike cash. If your credit card is stolen or misplaced, you can get it blocked simply by making a phone call, thus making it unusable. On the other hand, cash can be stolen and used by the thief without you having any ability to trace it or get it back.
An additional benefit to using credit card is the discounts they often offer. Many businesses, including airlines, car rental agencies, and hotels offer discounts when you pay using a particular card. Some cards offer a certain percentage back if you buy certain items on your credit card, and many have affiliations with certain merchants.
Many credit cards, such as the chase cards, now have a membership flexible rewards program, which rewards points based on purchases. These points can be exchanged for goods once enough are accumulated.
Travel insurance, often for free, is another credit card benefit. For people who travel often, this is a very valuable service. Combined with the car rental and hotel discounts, credit cards can be great for travelers.
With so many benefits to offer, it is easy to see why credit cards have become a necessity.

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