Creative Fireplace Design Ideas

By: Gen Wright

The fireplace is a structure that serves both function and aesthetic purposes. Usually, fireplaces are very durable and they last for years. So it is important to choose a design that you really like, so that you don't have to spend resources replacing or modifying it in the future. Here are some creative fireplace design ideas that will help you get started.

Starting from the materials.

When you choose a building material for your fireplace, you have to be aware of the limitations of the materials. Some materials will look nice than others for certain designs. For example, you can choose aluminum as the primary building material for your fireplace. However, you must be aware that although aluminum is fire resistant, it is rather difficult to add complicated patterns to the metal. You may have to settle for classic or more conventional looks. Of course, you can expect the cost to be cheaper.

Stones are more popular choices among homeowners. Although they cost more, you can add more intricate designs to fireplaces that are built from stones. Furthermore, there are many different types of stones to choose from. You can choose a cheaper type of stone like granite or limestone, or you can choose a more expensive type like marble. Different types of stones will have different outer appearances. This will affect the design of your fireplace.

Drawing inspiration from the surroundings.

Sometimes, homeowners find it difficult to choose a design that fits with the design of the home. So instead of choosing from existing designs, work backwards and draw inspiration from the surroundings. For instance, are there wavy lines around the fireplace? Is the style one that is Victorian or classic? From there, you can start thinking about how the fireplace can fit into the surroundings. This approach is way better than choosing from several hundreds of existing designs. It will give you a much clearer idea on the right design for your home. You may then narrow down your choices and pick one from a readily available design, or you can create a custom design.

Placing emphasis on the fireplace mantel.

The fireplace mantel can serve dual purposes. It can be a decorative element by itself, or it can serve as a shelf. The entire fireplace can be simplistic, with emphasis being placed on the fireplace mantel. All the details should be focused on the mantel. This way, attention is drawn to the mantel automatically. You may then place other items such as books or ornaments on the mantel to enhance the look and feel of the fireplace.

Furthermore, a fireplace mantel can be made from wood like oak. That means intricate designs can be carved on the mantel. Wood mantels can also be easily removed and replaced with new designs. This approach is more flexible, and more cost effective. You don't have to remove the entire fireplace just because you grow tired of the existing look!

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