Creating a Successful Web App – Simple Tips

By: Prince Sinha

It is easy to create a web app. Literally, anyone, equipped with basic computer and internet skills can roll out a simple app in less than an hour. Powered by app creation suites that offer interfaces designed for absolute novices, more and more amateurs are tinkering with application design on a regular basis, driven by curiosity, or a desire to stand out on the web, or even pure utility.
Simultaneously, app buzz, powered by the rise of open-source software culture sees heavy app experimentation.

Now while anyone with basic tech knowledge can create an app, creating a successful web app is an entirely different art, something which only experienced developers like Apps Developers – SDI can master.
While one may think that success, measurable in download/signup quanta is the only indicator of a web apps success, it is possible to actually adhere to a few simple principles as practiced by Apps Developers – SDI so your final results are intended for success.
Let us explore these principles:

Light and fast
App reviews of successful web apps are exceeding emphasizing these two traits as major USPs. It is not only about how well a web app delivers an extensive functionality, but also how quickly it gets you from point A to point B.
Just like anything else web related (including the websites themselves), slow and steady is irrelevant – just take a lesson from success of the speedy Google Chrome vs. Internet Explorer.
An app being called “fast” is simply a function of how smoothly it responds to your commands.
For example, web workers often prefer Google Docs as you can actually see changes on shared documents live, in real time.

If your app deals with hosting some kind of content (it could be a game, a virtual notepad, a playlist etc.), you will want to be able to work on it on the go – mobility and freedom from being desk-bound is the biggest draw for web apps. The interface and content should render perfectly across devices – even between different app ecosystems - and sync so smoothly that users should be able to rapidly switch between online devices without missing a beat.
Cross-platform compatibility also lets you tap into a variety of app marketplaces along with your web presence, so that you are creating new channels of growth and revenue.  And if you aren’t considering it, someone else eventually will take this one feature, change the colors and roll out a better version of your app.

In terms of web and app design, a convergence is taking place on the digital space. Sleek, intuitive interfaces that get you to your content rapidly have been sure-fire winners in the web app world. Unless, of course, you’re publishing a high-tech audio or design suite intended for complex use, but then why wouldn’t simply download the PC versions of the software?

Visit Apps Developers - SDI website or email [email protected] to build a successful app for your business.

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Visit Apps Developers - SDI website or email [email protected] to build a successful app for your business.

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