Creating a Newsworthy Press Release

By: Elisa Whealer

It's important to know the effectiveness of your press release. But how can you really know this? You need some measures to find out what is working and gives value to the readers, media, editors and their journalists.
Do you know if your press release is working for your company? You have to assess the contents, what information are included so that the journalists or the press people as a whole would get curious and will see the worthiness of making a big news out of it. Every business wants to be known far and wide and so it needs exposure by press release.
Stop and observe what makes a release that will surely captivate the interest of the media? Poor releases end quickly into the waste cans as the journalists have no patience when they read anything not newsworthy.
5 Simple Ways to Know if Your Press Release is Newsworthy
1.) Is what you are writing newsworthy? When the media gets hold of it will they be excited to spread it as exciting news? If not, then your efforts will just be a waste of time. When there is no news value for the journalists, they will simply ignore it.
2.)Does it pass the standards of the journalists, news reporters and media in general? There are certain standards that media will expect from your release. They expect it to follow a commonly accepted release format; it must be well-written, concise and to-the-point. Fluff must be cut off, and only the news should be given focus.
3.) Beware on posting your press release to have free publicity. You will only jeopardize your chance of being taken seriously by the media. Once they notice your main purpose, to have free publicity, they will reject your work. Even more detrimental, you could be asked to pay for the space as your ad space.
4.)Is it Timely? What will the readers, listeners or viewers get from the information that you are releasing? Your release should be up-to-date and practical still. There is no place for a release whose time has ran out.
5.) Review your release carefully for accuracy and straight facts. You cannot be careless with facts when writing a press release. Definitely make sure that the facts can stand correctly when questioned and verified by the press.
Following these 5 most practical tips, you are now on the road to hitting a gold mine for your business. Your press release will surely gain the excitement of the media to write about it and therefore enabling your business to be more known, exposing it to wider audience and thus drawing in more traffic to your company.
Your press release should have value. It should be well-written, timely and accurate. There is no room for mediocre work when it comes to writing your release. Just keep in mind the important points mentioned here, and make your press release newsworthy-as it should be.

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