Create Your Own World with The One Command

By: Asara Lovejoy

We are so filled with mis-beliefs. In fact, they are way off base. There are many that we do not even know how we got. However, they are there none the less.
How is it that we have spent our lives filling up on such beliefs and disbeliefs? We really started downloading our beliefs as early as age zero in some cases. During the times of early life we are unguarded and we absorb much to be stored until later in life it is needed. Those beliefs we gain at such a young age are the foundation for our beliefs. We spend the rest of our life based on those beliefs we store.
Our mistaken beliefs include but are not limited to: people cant be rich and spiritual, everyone in our family is overweight, life begins after retirement, my vote doesnt count, and so on.
So, would you like to get rid of those beliefs and maybe replace them with things like, I am one smart cookie!? I can have/get/do anything I want, I have a strong, healthy body, I have a peaceful, loving relationship with my children (spouse, friend). I love and appreciate myself, I live life to the fullest. Ok! Here's how. Say to yourself, I don't know how I make smart decisions, I only know I do Now, and I am fulfilled. Once you have said that, it is called The One Command, you are done, it is fulfilled! Stop! Know that you have blessed yourself and released yourself from and old addiction.
Be cautious, your thoughts and beliefs can be just as addictive as chocolate or ice cream. Know that you even have some addiction beliefs or thoughts you are not even aware of. Your thoughts and beliefs can actually keep you from succeeding. Release yourself with The One Command and be free. Forgive your past mistakes and move on to the life you want and deserve.
When you first try this technique, negative thoughts may come to your conscious mind. Does that mean it doesn't work? No, it means that you have released them to your conscious mind! And now, you can let go of each one individually, and I will wager that after you get through two or three or four, they will all spontaneously combust, because our thoughts tend to run in packs, they relate to, and feed on, each other. So literally, change your thinking and change your life. Go forth and prosper!

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