Crappie Catching

By: Gary DeWitt

You want to do some crappie catching like the professionals? Of course you do. The professionals know a few things you do not but soon will. Read every word of this article to learn some of the secrets that will allow you to catch crappie like the professionals.

The first thing you must realize is that crappie are a fish of opportunity. If you do not get a bit in just a few minutes, 5 at the most, move on, they are not there. That is why a lot of people fish with multiple poles at the same time.

Rig up all of your poles and set a different depth for each. This way you will find where the crappie are faster. Rig one with a jig set to go to the bottom. The current will bounce it along.

Rig the second pole to float your bait or jig about 6 inches off the bottom.

If you are in still water or on shore, you can cast the bait to different areas to "troll" for crappie. If you are in a boat and trolling just let the baits bounce along with the boat. Trade out bait and jigs to see what the crappie in that area are biting on for the day. You might have to change colors every cast until you find what they are biting. Remember, water color and sky conditions will affect what color of jig you need to use.

If you will do this, you will be well on your way to catching crappie like a professional.

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