Crappie Catching Rigs That Work: Amazing crappie fishing Tips Tells All!

By: mark fleagle

!p>If you make the decision to go crappie fishing there are so many ways to make crappie rigs that catch crappie.You will need different crappie catching rigs for the different seasons of the and for different fishing situations. We have developed a list of crappie catching rigs that have worked for us in the past and they are shown below.Our tips include many excellent rigging tips using artificial crappie jigs, and crappie minnows which are called "Missouri minnows" in many parts of the country.
TIP#1 Use a "spin cast" reel fishing with a light weight graphite rod with 6-12# test line. (this is a bit more then most guys use.. but it works.
Tip#2 Purchase some "Cajun Red 6 -12lb test line for your crappie fishing rig.(you can get away with the 6-12# test line because this crappie fishing rigged line is almost invisible to crappie in the water.
TIP#3 Get some "Missouri minnows" (use when you have the wives and kids in the boat) You don't catch as many fish but it easier for the youngsters to use.
Tip#4 Use crappie fishing jigs with the head weighing from 1/64" oz up to 1/4 ounce, but no bigger.
TIP#5 Use crappie fishing jigs.
Tip#5a use plastic crappie fishing jig parts commonly refered to as "tubes" in the color of green, yellow and white
Tip#5b Use the smallest artificial minnow jigs you can find, with black tops and silver belly. The tale should move and get a lot of action in the water.
Tip#5c Hair wrapped jig are hard to fine, but if you find one make sure you purchase it. They work great on your crappie fishing rig.
Tip#5d Use jigs with a black body and yellow tail with a yellow head and black eyes.
Tip#6 As a rule of thumb, crappie can see better when the water temperature drops. When this happens you need to change your crappie fishing rig by changing the line to 4lb test.
Tip#7 Use spring loaded floats (bobbers,corks) That can slide up and down the line so you can easily adjust your fishing depth.
Tip#8 Change your crappie fishing rig by tying 2 or there jigs about 10 inches apart. This gives you the capability to fish at different depths to find your crappie. You can put a weight on your line above the jigs or below the jigs. Try both methods until you start catching crappie.
We sincerely hope these crappie fishing tips will help you on your next fishing trip! have a wonderful day!
Mark Fleagle Webmaster. 30+ Years Of Fishing Experience Expert Author At Click This Link To Find Out More About crappie catching rig

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Mark Fleagle Webmaster. 30+ Years Of Fishing Experience Expert Author At Click This Link To Find Out More About crappie fishing tip

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