Cowboy Boots for All Feet

By: David T.

Cowboy boots, as with most western wear, was once segregated to their specific function. You didn't see people in the big cities back east donning cowboy boots and you didn't see many cowboys without them. Function was the big reason for this. Western apparel boots were developed to ensure a safer and more comfortable experience in the saddle for the riders on the cattle trails. These trails were intense, lasting for sometimes weeks, with only cattle and the open range for company. Riders needed gear that could protect them from the elements, stand up to grueling wear, and handle all the intricacies of stirrup safety- and be comfortable enough to wear all the time. Of course, the western lifestyle and culture sprang up around the cattle drives and rail towns. This western cowboy culture has certainly evolved over time, and, as with all cultures, some elements remain the same.

Western wear, however, hasn't remained isolated in that culture. It has instead crossed over into mainstream fashion enough that you see it used by designers in their high fashions. You see cowboy boots being worn by everyone from little kids to Hollywood movie stars- and everyone in between. You can purchase cowboy boots right next to high heels, summer sandals, and pure fashion boots. Obviously, those who are wearing western wear boots for fashion aren't interested in function. What they do like are the aesthetics and the comfort that cowboy boots have to offer. Many find that cowboy boots are as comfortable, if not more so, than a lot of the footwear that is available, and can be worn with just about anything.

Obviously, cowboy boots work quite well when paired with other elements of western apparel. Western boots and denim are always classically paired together. However, western wear boots tend to look quite nice with other styes and fashion accessories. They can be worn under or over pants, with skirts both long and short, with tights, and even with shorts (ladies only). Their versatility is clear, as is their longevity. Decades into their popularity, and there's still no sign that cowboy boots will recede back to being only found in the west. Rather, it is likely that cowboy boots will continue to gain popularity- and they are considered classic fashion.

Amongst the reasons for this are high fashion and Hollywood. High fashion gets credit for runs such as the fall-winter fashion shows of 1990-2000 when the main inspiration was what designer Michael Kors deemed "Sundance Chic" with western inspired styles featured heavily. Participating designers included Michael Kors, Ralph Loren (for whom jeans and cowboy boots are an integral, classic look), Marc Jacobs, and Max Ariz of BCBG. In Hollywood, both films made in the western genre and movies stars who rock the western wear look help influence the popularity of western wear.

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Cowboy boots were once worn by only cowboys. It didn't take long before cowboy boots would cross over into fashion, becoming popular enough to not only be found with other western apparel, but in shoe stores next to high heels. Cowboy boots look great with other western wear, but they are versatile enough to add to just about any wardrobe without any additional western apparel. Cowboy boots not only look good with any fashion and are functional- they are comfortable- and with plenty of style options available. Online retailers like The Boot Store, have quality cowboy boots for everyone- for fashion and function.

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