Correct Methods of Washing Jeans

By: Emma Beth

If the jeans are the first time pulled into the water, you need pour some white vinegar in the water, and soak the jeans upside down about half an hour, used to lock the color. Because the white vinegar can make the kind of blue color as much as possible to maintain the original luster. Please do not use hot water to soak pants, which would be seriously diminished, generally at temperatures of 45 degrees. If conditions permit, please do not use a washing machine to wash jeans, jeans that would undermine the sense of the fold. Color pants, the body's natural wear white pants have become unnatural.

1.Cleaning time for the best jeans 6-12 months

Generally people wear jeans for a week or the jeans are a little sweet, then they put it into the washing machine to wash. In fact, it has serious harm on the jeans, long-term kind to do so will make the shape of your jeans out of shape, would be no personal comfort and a beautiful leg-type.

Correct approach should be as far as 6-12 months clean time, if the summer sweating a lot, you can hang your jeans ventilated place, spray some water, let it dry wind, so do not sweat on the jeans will be a; if some clean jeans glued stuff, where you can spray on stolen water, then gently summarized stolen stuff off, and then hanging in the air well above the same place, let it dry!

2.For the first time, please do not use machine to wash and dry clean

We must have impressed: jeans after washing to dry out after a certain time is hard, this is in addition to your detergent reasons, but also one of the reasons is that there is a layer of glue on denim. So, first try not to use a cleaning machine wash or dry cleaning, it is best to wear on his body clean, so jeans would be more in line with their legs, wear out the effect will be more ay. Still have to clean up after hang in the air at the same place and let it air dry.

3.Jeans in the wash before they got to do some color retention treatment

The color retention process is very simple, jeans soaked before washing with water on the basin, then put two tablespoons of white vinegar, and soak for about half an hour, so jeans fade would not be so serious.

Wash jeans skills

We have a few tips about use a washing machine to wash jeans. Use a washing
Machine to wash jeans can save a lot of effort, but note the following:

Use a washing machine to wash jeans can save a lot of effort, but to keep jeans fade, you'd better separate from other clothing.

In the jeans into the washing machine before washing, the best first zipper pull is good, so as not to wash the zipper to the final deformation, and become relatively poor wear.

If the jeans are dirty, you can soak for about 15 minutes, then wash and other powerful program to wash.

The exposure time to remember the first flip, then drying socks, handkerchiefs are hung up with a small hanger, so that a drum-like pant, because this is more drying.

The color of jeans washed several times to prevent discoloration of the way: When a new pair of jeans just bought, you can dip in a salt water one day, so you can make your jeans, no matter when it seems like the new colors are the same as buying !

If you use hands to wash jeans, we have some tips as well below:

1.If it is the first time to buy back into the water, that need to pour some white vinegar in the water, and soaked the pants upside down about half an hour, used to lock the color because dark pants will be a little faded, and white vinegar blue color that can keep the original luster.

2.Please do not use hot water soaked pants, and that there will be a large degree of shrinkage phenomenon, generally at temperatures of 30 degrees can, if conditions permit, please do not use a washing machine to wash jeans, pants fold that would undermine the sense of touch to color pants, and that the body's natural wear white pants have become unnatural. Do not iron, to maintain the natural pants.
3.Wash when we must remember to turn over inside the washing, can effectively reduce the fading. If the jeans are not dirty with oil or other special circumstances, the liquid detergent to minimize the (neutral) the amount (try not to use detergent, alkaline detergent is easy to make jeans fade), or even water to wash.

4.The jeans folded into the laundry bag (or hand), cleaning agents, use dish detergent (washing powder for a while because of the general effect, all ingredients with a little bleach, it is easy to fade jeans, dish detergent without bleaching agent, in addition to cleaning effect, but also to oil).

5.Suspended from the waist, turn it over to dry, dry in a dry ventilated place, avoid sun exposure, is apt to cause severe oxidative fading.

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