Correct Maintenance Methods of Delicate Luxury Bags

By: Emma Beth

Correct Maintenance Methods of Delicate Luxury Bags

Delicate luxury bags are terribly expensive, but with poor maintenance, like careless champagne or wine sprinkled points, then waiting for the scrap it. You may heart - break for this. If you do encounter this situation, first do not worry and get angry, then use the following method to save your designer bag.

1. If your bag accidentally stained with oil, first with a soft cloth (such as eyeglasses cloth) to clean oil, and then cleaning solution (detergent is best to use a high-end point) and re-wipe, attention must be gentle.

2. When it has more dirt, the use of clean cream (I once heard someone use the "L "at the beginning of the high-end facial cleanser) to clean, so you can achieve the look of the results. However, after cleaning, you must then carefully wipe dry cloth.

3. When the bag sprinkled with beer, soda, coffee, etc., with a soft cloth dipped in warm water to clean, the low concentration of detergent water and then wipe.

4. Leather sticky chewing gum, the first chewing gum removal (do not use the equipment to pull hard sticky things), then wipe the cloth repeatedly.

5. When stained with a lot of grease and dirt, you can wash with clean water moderate temperature, and then use a soft cloth to dry.

6. A week is best for bag to have a thorough clean. With soft cotton or flannel will be soaked with water wipe lightly after wringing well.

7. Once a month to fresh milk and water by mixing one to one ratio, with a soft clean cloth dipped in a mixture. This method not only effectively remove dust can also help extend the life of leather. Key: must use a clean cloth after wiping clean, otherwise very easy to become smelly.

8. Long direct light and heating, make the bag bleaching, discoloration, and product variants. Girls' make-up water and the like are best not directly to put in the bag, you can use makeup bag.

9. Severe stains, it is best to store cleaning service requirements, and apply a protective agent. Many international brands have to provide similar services.

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