Corking Flooring And It's Numerous Attributes

By: Vikram Kuamr

Measuring is a very important step in figuring out how much material needs to be purchased. Money and materials can be wasted if it is not done properly. Flooring is usually sold by square foot, 12 inches by 12 inches. You must measure the actual measurement of the area to be covered by flooring. An additional 8% to 10% should be purchased for cutting waste as each piece will not always fit perfectly with the wall and will need to be cut and thrown away and also allows any pieces with defects to be thrown away or cut out.

With projects involving a high number of rooms or will involve more cutting than usual an upwards of 10% or more should be allotted. When measuring the square footage of any area, multiply the length of the room by the width of a room. Remember to take measurements for each room separately and then add the total square footage together after. For example, a room that measures ten feet by length and ten feet by width will be calculated by multiple ten by ten to equal one-hundred and then add the waste percentage. For this example we'll use 8%. The total waste needed is eight square feet totaling one-hundred-eight square feet. This process should be used for each individual room and then the total calculated thereafter.

Cork Flooring is highly recommended in a variety of places. It is highly versatile and can be used in kitchens, bathrooms, fitness facilities, offices, businesses or anywhere high quality flooring is desired. Cork does a very good job of absorbing impact and vibrations and has a high level of elasticity. Reduced sound can be observed in rooms or areas with cork flooring. These attributes make it highly desirable in an office space where footsteps and other noises could potentially be distracting. It can also absorb impact vibrations very well in a space that is highly traveled or used for working out. Cork Flooring is also fire and rot resistant and does not contain any harmful contaminates.

Stone floating flooring can also be applicable in numerous situations. Forna’s Uniclic Stone Floating flooring has five layers that create an intensive and unique floor. The top layer is a hydro, or water borne, urethane finish, followed by one and a half millimeters of natural slate or mica. Another one and a half millimeters of high density cork composite is underneath that helps to absorb any impacts imposed on the flooring. Seven millimeters of high density, moisture retardant fiberboard separates the rest of the floor from a final millimeter of natural cork placed for sound absorption. The floor is designed to have the toughest durability and sustainability possible in today's market.

Two options are available in the choices of stone. Black Slate and Silver Slate are available for purchase and are sold per carton. With large orders worth more than $1500 it is possible to quality for a flat rate shipping rate. For larger projects and installation it is recommended to take this route and save a large chunk of money to have the products delivered directly to your door.

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Installing Cork Flooring is a great investment. Whether you are looking for fork or Stone Floating flooring , the best place to go to is iCork Floor.

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