Cooking Light Recipes - A Light Way To Stay Healthy

By: Doug Schlette

Secret to leading a healthy lifestyle is to eat light but healthy food. If you eat light you will feel yourself to be physically fit. With light meals the calorie intake is minimal and thus one remains smart and fit. With light meals you will not only switch to a healthy lifestyle but can also help you in cutting down on your weight. Light meals can also be prepared in short period of time.
Although light meals ensure healthy lifestyle yet not many people eat light food as a part of their diet routine. The reason behind this is that light meals generally dont taste good. The meals are deprived of flavor and thus are not so very delicious. But now with qualified culinary experts available we are being provided with a number of cooking light recipes that are not only light but delicious as well. Preparing a meal using cooking light recipes is not very difficult. The meals prepared from recipes provided by qualified culinary experts are very tasty.
Here are some tricks for you for preparing delicious light meals. Use fish instead of meat. You can east light meals by swapping fish with meat. Fish is not only delicious but easy to digest as well. Variety of fish is available in the market so getting fish of your choice is not a big problem.
It is advisable to have small course of food followed by large bowl of soup instead of small bowl of soup followed by large course of food. You can replace potato with vegetables and meat with seafood in your meals.
You should have a healthy breakfast. Eating healthy breakfast ensures that you eat light for the rest of the day. Healthy breakfast is a way for eating less. For lunch have carbohydrates such as pasta with fish or sandwich with baked potato. You will have enough time to digest carbohydrates for the rest of the day. As for dinner have protein. This is to eat light such as grilled fish or a bowl of soup.
Frying, baking and grilling is a common cooking activity. Instead of frying prefer to do baking but if a food dish can be grilled instead of baking then prefer grilling over baking. With baking and grilling food not only taste better but lighter as well.
Never cut-down on your favorite food: There are a number of ways to lighten your favorite food so never cut down on them as it will make you miserable. For instance, you can add yoghurt in the place of cream in soups or fruit puddings. You can use olive oil for adding flavor. Plus you dont need gallons of it. Use fresh herbs for flavoring, use lemons to squeeze over vegetables or roast them alongside chicken.
You can easily find a number of cooking light recipes that can help you in preparing light meals. Even you can become an expert in cooking light meals by replacing ingredients such as meat with fish and prepare your own cooking light recipe. Eat light and stay healthy.

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