Converting Slides to Digital New York Quality Media

By: Stephen Walter

It used to be the standard way to have one’s portfolio was to have pictures of every piece in slide form. One would then send those slides to art schools, jobs or what have you. Slides unfortunately have many drawbacks. For one thing, a person must have a projector in order to watch these slides. They are also bulky and take up a lot of space. Not only that, they are difficult to store and ship. Through modern day technology though, a person can convert their slides to digital New York quality media. It is much easier to store, share and even manipulate a digital copy.

Slides have many problems when it comes to storage. Converting your slides to digital New York quality media however can help a person greatly when it comes to storage. Slides are very sensitive to temperature and also moisture. If you do not have a safe place like that for your slides, then they will eventually be ruined and all of the hard work put into them lost. A digital copy however is not prone to the elements, and can be easily backed up in many different ways. Another reason to convert your slides to digital New York quality media is in case of some kind of accident or catastrophe. No one expects a flood or a fire to happen to him or her. Slides in this case would be ruined. A digital copy that has been uploaded or doubled to somewhere else however remains just fine.

When you convert your slides to digital New York quality media you are also making your slides much easier to see. Once your slides are a digital copy you can do so many things with them. For one thing you can make prints just about anywhere. What is even greater than that though is putting the images online. Once your slides are digital, you can host your images on any number of web sites and share your images with everyone in the world. Also when you convert your slides to digital New York quality media, you can make your own web site to feature your images. Having an online portfolio is a great way to gain future positions.

Maybe the best thing about converting slides to digital New York quality media is that a digital copy of something is so much easier to work with than an image that is stuck in physical form. One can do some pretty impressive things with negatives and printing, but nothing compared with what Photoshop can do. Programs like Photoshop even have features that can emulate anything a person could do with film and printing alone. Also when one converts slides to digital New York quality media, he or she then has more artistic options available. A person that had a painting in slide form can convert it to an amazing Flash animation.

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