Convert Large Volumes of TIFF Files to PDF

By: Derek Clarke

TIFF Archive by Aquaforest is a convenient utility for anyone who needs to convert large amounts of TIFF images to PDF/A-1b-compliant files. The program uses the same technology and conversion components as used in the developer's other leading data conversion tools, such as Autobahn DC and Aquaforest Searchlight. The target PDF/A-1b format is particularly popular amongst artists and graphic designers. The format provides complete compatibility with the industry-leading PDF format while also offering a mechanism for accurately representing electronic documents while preserving their visual appearance. The visual appearance and quality of the content is also completely independent of the tools and systems used for creating, rendering and storing the files. TIFF Archive is useful to users of any level of expertise, since it may be used either from a command line or by using scripts.

Quick and Easy Conversion

TIFF Archive is designed to save you time by providing batch conversion functionality. In other words, you don't need to feel constrained by the relatively limited capabilities within editing programs and other solutions. Rather than converting one file at a time, you can convert any number of files in a single job, without any further interaction being required from the user. No special knowledge is required, and there's no learning curve involved. To start with you will need to choose the file selection method, whether you want to convert a single file or all of the files in a particular folder. You'll then need to select the source and destination folders and, if you wish to customize the file names, enter your desired information in the Output Files box.

Everything Provided for Advanced Users

More advanced users with more specific technical requirements need not find themselves restricted by the more obvious capabilities of TIFF Archive. The utility also provides a wealth of customization options thanks to support for running scripts or manual batch conversion jobs using the familiar command line environment. You can also specify a variety of advanced flags in the user interface as well as select from several other pre-defined options. In addition to providing TIFF to PDF/A conversion, the utility can also apply JBig2 compression, an entirely optional extra feature that allows you to reduce the size of your PDF output files significantly. Since the PDF format is particularly popular for distributing files over the Internet, this feature will no doubt prove invaluable to many users.

TIFF Archive has minimal system requirements, and it will work on Windows XP right up to Windows 10. Server and 64-bit editions of the operating system are also supported. The program takes up 200 Mb of space and requires 2GB of RAM for optimal performance. You will also need to install the .Net Framework version 4.0 or later. The program is available for free according to the terms detailed in the licensing document provided. To find out more about TIFF Converter and all other products developed by Aquaforest, visit today. You can also download the free software at this website, as well as find support information.

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Derek Clarke is a professional graphic designer who regularly works with both the TIFF and PDF formats.

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