Conversion and Landing Pages are Nice But Outrageous Traffic Cures a Lot of Sins

By: Mitch Biggs

The real secret to making money online has little to do with your site or the product you sell......Fact!
What really makes the difference as to whether you make money or go bust is much more dependant on how many people see your site each day. You can tweak landing pages and ad copy all you want. The real income multiplier is all about large traffic volume. If you have dreams of quitting your job or making significant online income, you can not do it with low traffic volume!
Traffic x conversion x average retail = gross sales.
Gross sales - operating expenses (hosting, advertising, etc..) = Net profit
If you only get 10 to 100 people per day visit your site, hang on for a long slow painful traffic accumulation journey. Statistics suggest most will fail in less than 6 months with low traffic defined as under 100 hits a day.
What if you could get 1 million visitors in the next 30 days? Would that make your sales increase?
Let's see an example if you did nothing but explode your traffic.
Example A
(100 daily visits) X (1% conversion) X ($10 average retail) = $10 per day
Example B
(10,000 daily visits) X (1% conversion) X ($10 average retail) = $1000 per day
Even if your conversion was cut in half (50%) you would still be earning $500 a day. 50X increase in your business by simply adding one new marketing tactic to your toolbox. Better yet, there is not increased operating cost! All profit.
The 6 Link System of Viral Marketing is absolutely FREE. No upsell later in the program, no teaser code that continues to solicit you for an upgrade. This is not a limited time offer with a lot of hype. It is a revolutionary approach that drives outrageous traffic volume!
Before you implement this new system please make sure you do not have any bandwidth or site volume limitations. You will get significant traffic so it is important to address any issues that could cause problems with your existing host account.
Your traffic will not instantly jump to 1 million hits. It will exponentially increase to approximately 1 million daily visits over a 30-45 days period.
There is one important disclaimer to discuss. You may not participate in this system if you are affiliated with pornographic sites, gambling, hate crimes or any illegal activities.
Join those of us that have solved our traffic issues once and for all!
All you have to do is check out ---> Explode Your Traffic!

This is going to change the way you market forever.

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You owe it to yourself to look into this revolutionary viral marketing approach... what are you waiting for?.....Explode Your Traffic!

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