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By: Gordon R Santo

In UK alone, in 2008, more than 50,000 deaths were reported due to heart attack and stroke that is one of the major risk factors of the condition of high blood pressure, and it is believed that the number of premature deaths can increase in coming years, if a proper cure for the problem of high blood pressure is not found. Since there is no trusted cure available till date for high BP, people have been seeking options in ayurvedic pills to control high blood pressure which involves a set of natural compounds extracted from medicinal trees or herbs. The properties of the phyto-compounds found in these herbs or trees are used for curing the health condition.

Identifying the role of potassium channel and cellular conditions related to high BP, and how ayurvedic pills to control high blood pressure work to control it?

Ayurvedic pills to control high blood pressure are very effective in reducing the symptoms and risk factors of high BP because it can work at cellular levels. Ayurvedic pills to control high blood pressure such as Stresx capsules can regulate the body's functions at cell level to prevent damage to the body. Researchers at St George's University of London found that certain forms of proteins were responsible for keeping the arteries relaxed. The factors studied in the research targeted the flexibility of the arteries, the blood level and a potassium channel, and it was observed that a set of proteins were found to be significant for keeping the arteries relaxed.

The potassium channel was linked to the main arteries which supplied blood to kidney i.e. the renal artery and its presence was able to kick-start a set of chain reactions which happened in the body but in the later stages it caused an increase in the level of blood pressure. This potassium channel allowed the passage of potassium to the blood vessels and it was important for opening and closing (or contracting and relaxing) of blood vessels when pressure was exerted on it. The blood vessels expanded due to certain triggers (such as adrenaline), and when the potassium channel failed to respond to the trigger, it made the blood to flow in a constructed manner.

If this channel is able to dilate the arteries and if a way to lower the BP can be identified through the information, it will be helpful in reducing the problem. The research on the topic is still going one but no reliable improvements have been made.

However, ayurvedic pills to control high blood pressure contain certain herbs that work at cell level to revive its power and regulate many different factors at one time. The complex compounds which are prepared by plants or trees, cannot be prepared in laboratory. These compounds regulate body triggers and stress factors together to prevent the blood pressure from increasing beyond a limit. It works at cellular levels to enhance flexibility of the arteries to prevent constriction and allow it to relax. The regular intake of ayurvedic pills to control high blood pressure provides long-term steadfast relief from the symptoms and risk factors of the condition.

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