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By: Thulas Sukati

Increasing numbers of people around the world are experiencing sensitive skin but it is necessary to know just what sensitive skin means. Although it may relate to a wide spectrum of general skin complaints it is generally recognized as a hyper-sensitivity to normal everyday conditions. The purpose of sensitive skin care products are to stop or reduce these problems and alleviate irritable skin.

Skin care products that help with this condition differ as there can be many factors involved as it is not a one-glove-fits-all condition. Generally, all skin types respond negatively to detergents and other chemical based products.

The problem arises because it may take some time before the condition is recognized for what it is. As we all have different tolerance levels, those with more sensitive skin will be more susceptible to skin damage which could actually happen in a short space of time.

A few tips for choosing the right sensitive skin care products are suggested below, these are products which where possible avoid known skin irritants or reduce them to the lowest concentration possible. Firstly, only use sensitive skin care products; the products that are marked for sensitive skin care only and check the instructions that are supplied with the product to see if there are specific restrictions or warnings associated with the product.

Even within the range of sensitive skin care products available, choose those that have the minimum of preservatives, colorings and other additives. Wherever possible, avoid any type of cleanser or toner as they are almost invariably alcohol based.

If you are doing the laundry make sure you protect your hands with gloves as detergent can even cause problems for people who do not have sensitive skin and if rubber gloves also cause irritation, you can always wear cotton gloves underneath them. While that may be one problem to deal with, sunlight and bright sunshine is another so ensure a tested and proprietary sun cream is used when you venture out in the sun.

This type of precaution is also relevant even if it isn't sunny as the atmospheric pollution found almost everywhere now will also aggravate the skin and a suitable barrier cream or hypoallergenic moisturizer should help protect vulnerable skin. Then when you clean your face, ensure that nothing contains any soap or alcohol (as mentioned previously) is used and any exfoliation peels or creams are applied carefully not to damage the skin further.

Never leave makeup on for extended periods and wherever possible use hypoallergenic makeup removal products that will not make the skin worse. While there is a great deal to think about if you have a sensitive skin condition, it is a matter of getting into a routine and know what causes the irritation as this will save you time and distress.

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