Consider these link building tactics to improve your webpage ranking

By: Thomas Decker

The basic objective of any marketing campaign, be it traditional or digital, is to bring more and more customers to your physical store or to your website. As a business owner, you should opt for link popularity service that will help you to bring more traffic to your website. But, it is also equally important to have right link building tactics to increase the effectiveness and return on investment of the campaign.

Links are essential to improve ranking of your webpage and still considered to be only of the prime ways to find out the popularity of a webpage. Even Google algorithm analyzes number of backlinks to understand the credibility of the business and determine the page rank. Guest post is one of the popular methods of generating backlinks where you post your blogs in leading forums in your industry. As your number of posting increases so does the number of backlinks. But, since it is read only by the target audience of that blog site it doesn’t always give you lot of traffic, which leads to frustration considering the time and effort you put in to develop such content. And more importantly, if the traffic is not enough, it doesn’t contribute much to business growth defeating the purpose of the campaign.

One of the smart link building tactics to address this problem would be to use the power of content syndication. Leading online publishers like The Huffington Post, Mashable etc. are really good for increasing the reach of your content as they accept trending posts from partner sites. When they republish the content, they give a link to the partner site increasing the chance of increasing the traffic to their site and in turn to your site.

In case you decide to engage a link popularity service provider, please ensure you work with them as a team and give them the list of influencers in your industry. They may request such influencers to give you backlinks. However, it is important to know that cold emails may not be effective and at times even annoying to the influencers. You may send them personalized mails to them stating your requirement and keeping it straight and simple. You may also decide to follow the influencers, share their content in your network and post meaningful comment on their blogs.

Another effective activity you may undertake with your link popularity service provider is to develop compelling content. While the provider may be able to help you to generate text, image, video content etc. independently, there are areas like development of online courses, free tools are more technical in nature where you need to take more active participation. These developed tools or content then to be published and promoted in other websites which will bring lot of traffic to your websites. But, please ensure that these tools are really useful to the otherwise users may find it boring. Though, it is not possible to generalize link building tactics for all industries as each industry has its own uniqueness, but the above techniques have been proven beneficial to many over the period of time.

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Link building tactics may differ for one type of business to the other. Increasing visibility of your website with link popularity service is an effective one.

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