Consequences of a Chronic Smoker

By: Sara Kitch

One of the nastiest habits that you can adopt is smoking. It has been associated with illnesses like emphysema and cancer and premature aging. Through this article, you will give you an overview of the problems that smoking can cause to your body and skin.
We will take a look at the 3 main parts of the body that are assaulted by smoking and why: heart, lungs and skin. Take into account that these adverse effects can also be seen in non-smokers.
How Smoking affects your Heart
The heart of a smoker must work harder to be as efficient as the heart of a non smoker. Due to their irritating effects, nicotine and other components found in cigarettes can lead to hearta attacks and arrhythmia. Essentially, the harder the heart works the sooner it will give out.
How Smoking affects your Lungs
Chronic smokers are in danger of acquiring problems such as the complete obstruction of their lungs natural cleansing process. To be able to do their job well, your lungs have to work harder, just like your heart. The same irritating components begin to damage your lungs. The harm to your tissues leads to the excessive production of mucus that can serve as a good breeding ground for bacteria and viruses. This can lead to respiratory infections that range from colds to bronchitis. The lining of your bronchi also becomes thicker which predisposes you to a wide range of cancers. Chronic smoking damages the elastin in lung tissue prompting the development of emphysema. Also, smoking leaves behind a layer of sticky tar throughout your respiratory system. This tar is filled with cancer forming matter.
How Smoking affects your Skin
Not only does smoking provoke injury to your internal body, but it also leaves its mark on your skin. As smoking constricts the blood vessels in your skin, it reduces the amount of oxygen and essential nutrients that are delivered to the skin and damages the elastin and collagen in it. Not only does the skin on your face susceptible to these problems, but also the skin all over your body making a wrinkle treatment imperative.
Smoker's face is another consequence of smoking. Because of the continuous pursing of lips and squinting of the eyes to avoid smoke, deep grooves lines begin to develop around the mouth and eyes. The face also takes on a grayish appearance.

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