Confused About Home Gym and Going to Gym Reading This Might Help

By: Snehan

People are often confused about choosing the right gym and the right exercise for them. But, one of the vital decisions before choosing the gym is to choose the type of gym. Home gym and going to gym are the rivals in this scenario. Both have their own benefits and drawbacks. For instance, home gym might get a bit boring while going to gym create the right environment and the motivation helps.

Here some points about both the cases, that might help people make a better decision in choosing best gym in satellite, Ahmedabad and other area:-

Home Gym


The best part about home gym is the convenience. One can follow a routine anytime of the day irrelevant of time. Train as long as they prefer without any regulations. No driving hassles, no weather constraints.

After convenience, comes the hygiene. Public gyms are not very HYGIENIC. In home gym, there is just one person using the equipment (until and unless they invite some others), so they can clean and it remains more sanitary. Therefore, they can use the equipment with ease, without worrying about any other smelly and sweaty person who has used it before.

The next in the line is expense. Gym equipments for home are available in market for good raters. So, one can buy the equipments and use it for long enough, and in any case decide to sell it, they can get a decent price with the growing market for used gym equipment. Saves a lot from paying monthly gym membership.

The first in cons list is the lack of motivation. One is working alone at home gym and it might get a bit boring or lack of motivation, rivalry might not create the desired GYM ATMOSPHERE. It is completely depended on the person; some prefers being alone some like the company, whatever click for them.

Other part is the social and professional aspect. People meet new people; have a good social network if they go to gym. While at home, they are alone. Also, they can get professional help from the trainers, while that is not possible at home gym.

Last and very important is the distractions. While at home, people are often distracted through family, phone calls, kitchen duties or someone at the door anything, can create hindrance in midst of gruel workout session.

Going to Gym


The best part about going to gym is the motivation. People meet people, go there with friends, have a healthy rivalry on taking sessions, everything is great while I the gym.

The other aspect is the equipments. People cannot have everything and all equipment at home, unless they are planning a fully functional gym. So, they range of equipment at home are very less, while gym offers an ocean of equipments. However, bigger gym and more equipment might have COSTLY membership fees.

That brings the next one, which is the expense. End of the day it is up to the person, if they want to buy home equipment for thousand bucks or go to gym and enjoy the facility for somewhere close to thousand bucks.


Gym memberships do not come cheap. For good gyms, with better facility and equipments may charge a healthy amount. Therefore, it is up to the individual about what they prefer and what they can afford.

Public gyms are, PUBLIC. Therefore, the sweat on equipment, smell stinky sweat equipment is common at gym. Public changing rooms and many such aspects. So, people must think about it before going nay further.

Also, people have to wait for machines to be free, is other are using. On the other hand, one might feel pressured, if a person is standing right there staring. Therefore, freedom is not much at public gums.

To conclude, home gym or public gym, what matter is people workout. The benefits are great; people can have a healthy and prosperous life. Best gym in satellite, Ahmedabad and in surrounding area thrives on making this society a healthy place.

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