Confused? Renting or Buying Movies Online

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When a good film hits the big screen, true movie fans wonít be able to resist buying a DVD or Blu-Ray version of it to watch at home. However, isnít doing that a little expensive? If you decide to buy every movie being released in theatres for the sole reason of enjoying it in your den, have you though of how much you are actually spending for your entertainment needs in a month? Itís roughly $100 if youíre buying DVDís and around $500 if you would rather watch Blu-Ray discs. And thatís just for buying four movie titles every week at any given month. In a year, you would have spent $6,000 for your home viewing needs alone. And when you think about it, that money is something you can actually use to pay for the down payment of a new car.

Well, thereís a better alternative to all these unnecessary costs. While it is always your personal choice to buy all the movie titles that you can get hold of, you can also go for the cheaper option Ė rent them. Renting movies gives you the same enjoyment of watching good films at home without making a huge dent on your budget. For the $6 that you spend for buying a new DVD, you can rent as many as five titles from a nearby home video shop.

While good movies are great for safekeeping, you canít really say if a film is worth buying without watching it first. Letís admit it, there are many forgettable movies being released today yet they go without a lot of hype. Some producers even put big name movie stars in their films for the sole intention of selling it well. Would you fall scam to these? On the other hand, there are really good films but have less hype and less popular stars featured. And yet they are striking enough to watch over and over again. Arenít these the ones that are really worth buying?

If you really want to buy a disc to be added to your movie collection, why not rent it first and watch it in its entirety? If it is really good for your taste, then proceed to buy it from a video shop. Thatís the better way of building a movie collection because youíll be confident that every movie title you put up on the shelf is indeed worthy of recommending to your family and friends.

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