Confectionery Manufacturer Relies on X-ray Systems for Reliable Inspection

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Moreover, Zentis is Europe's largest marzipan manufacturer. At its Aachen-Eilendorf factory, the German company produces up to 25,000 tonnes of confectionery every year. This family business doesn't just produce goods for the food retail trade; Zentis is also well known as a powerful and innovative partner to the international confectionery and baking industry.

The packaged raw marzipan paste is checked for contaminants in its final packaging stage
Zentis makes raw marzipan paste for the food industry. To keep products free from metal contaminants, Zentis uses Mettler-Toledo Safeline product inspection technology at its most important critical control points. At the end of the production line, the packaged raw marzipan blocks are fed through the Safeline X-ray inspection system. Raw marzipan is notoriously difficult to examine, but the Safeline InspireX R40 detects even the smallest foreign bodies as well as any product deviations, enabling Zentis to maintain its high quality standards.

The x-ray inspection system offers reliable product inspection despite the strong product effects produced by the marzipan paste
"By using Safeline X-ray technology, we are aiming to further enhance our product inspection system", explained Stefan Lerbs, Production Manager for cereals and raw pastes. The marzipan paste that is to be inspected can produce strong product effects. The aim of the X-ray inspection system, therefore, is to check and improve the production process at Zentis on a continual basis by supplementing the metal detection technology used.

Only by using the best technology can the best product quality be ensured
"We want to use the best technology to achieve the best product quality", said Stefan Lerbs. "The quality of our products is down to the high-grade raw materials and the technology we use", he added. The Safeline InspireX R40 is equipped with the Windows XP Professional operating system and can be easily operated using the 15-inch colour thin film transistor (TFT) touchscreen. All inspected products are scanned and analysed automatically in real-time.

If the x-ray inspection system detects a foreign body, Zentis gives the product a special marking so that the primary packaging of the marzipan block is destroyed. This marking ensures that defective marzipan blocks do not reach the consumer.

The InspireX R40 is also suitable for detecting stones and high density plastics
With the InspireX R40 x-ray inspection system, the detection images and data are stored automatically. As well as metal contaminants, the x-ray inspection system can also detect stones, bones, high density plastic and product agglomerations (such as in the case of cereal bar).

"It was important for Zentis to test the x-ray inspection system in the production line before making the purchase", explains Andreas Jurewicz, Business Manager at Mettler-Toledo Safeline. "We don't just advise the customer on projects; where new technologies are being introduced, we also offer product tests before a purchase is made".

The profile metal detector: Reliable inspection of boxes in the final packaging stage
Mettler-Toledo Safeline’s latest product inspection technology is also used in another area of the final packaging stage: a Profile RB metal detector checks the packaged confectionery for metal contaminants. This metal detector stands out thanks to its unrivalled detection sensitivity for all types of metal.

Ferrous metals, non-ferrous metals and even non-magnetic stainless steels, which are traditionally difficult to detect, are reliably detected and efficiently removed from the production process. The metal detectors from the RB series achieve outstanding results particularly with non-spherical contaminants such as wire, metal cutting and metal fragments. These kinds of contaminants are generally very difficult to detect.

Mettler-Toledo Safeline is a leading manufacturer of metal detectors and x-ray inspection devices for the food and pharmaceutical industries within the Mettler-Toledo Product Inspection division.

Mettler-Toledo offers a full range of modern in-line inspection solutions, including automatic checkweighers, metal detectors, x-ray inspection technology and optical inspection equipment. In addition to high quality product inspection solutions, Mettler-Toledo excels thanks to its extensive, worldwide service network.

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Mettler-Toledo Safeline is the world’s leading supplier of metal detection and x-ray inspection solutions for the food and pharmaceutical industries. Together with Garvens Checkweighing, Mettler-Toledo Safeline forms the Product Inspection division of Mettler-Toledo.

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