Conceiving a Baby Girl

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As many parents may already know, it can be difficult conceiving a girl. By nature, you are less likely to give birth to a female child than you are a male and so, trying different methods to help increase the chances of conceiving a girl can be very popular. Some of the methods are simply urban legends and there is no scientific reason why they should work, however, many women will swear by them. The best methods to look into when conceiving a girl are ones which work on the basis of timing.

The Shettles method is one of the most well known methods used for gender selection of children. This method is based on timing intercourse based on different characteristics of male and female producing sperm. Female sperm is said to live longer than male sperm and so, it is recommended that the couple has intercourse everyday at least two to four days before ovulation to increase the chance of conceiving a girl.

Another method that also works based on timing is the O+12 method. This method may be slightly complicated because it requires the woman to pinpoint the time of ovulation, but if done correctly, it can be very accurate. It is suggested that intercourse be had no later than 12 hours after ovulation. Although this contradicts the Shettles method, theories claim that couples who conceived days prior to ovulation actually gave birth to boys. For this method to work it is recommended that the male not ejaculate at least seven days before intercourse, as this will allow the male producing sperm to die, increasing the chance of female sperm to reach the egg.

There are many other methods used when conceiving a girl that many women say have been accurate for them and do not require such precise information. The Chinese conception chart is a popular method used that takes the woman's lunar age and matches it with the lunar month of conception to predict if the child will be a female. Lunar calendars are available to plan the gender more accurately.

Other legends will suggest eating a certain diet in which male producing sperm cannot exist. Acidic foods such as oranges, pineapples and lemons can kill male sperm and increase the chances of conceiving a girl. Other methods may simply be based on superstition such as having intercourse in the afternoon, but there is actually no way to ensure conceiving a girl.

Many soon to be parents may feel guilty about trying to plan the gender of the child and trying to conceive a girl over a boy. Many people are against the gender selection methods because they believe it interferes with what is meant to be, however, this is a very common feeling of parents and these techniques are often used. Guilt can be common, but as long as you remember that childbirth is a gift, trying these methods can be fun.

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