Compression Bra: The Perfect Bra for Active Women

By: laura duff

Different women live basically different lifestyles from one another. There are women who are leading successful careers in the corporate world, and are therefore living a mostly physically sedentary life. Other women, however are living a physically active life, such as those who took sports for their lifetime career. Because if these major differences in the lifestyles of women, they also have different needs. When it comes to intimate wear, for example, a physically active woman will need one that is much more sturdier than a less physically active woman may need. When it comes to bras, as a further illustration, a woman who is active in sports will need compression bra, as this type of bra is specifically designed to give full support for women who are engaged in strenuous physical activities. A less physically active woman, on the other hand, would need a different bra type, one that would also correspond to her level of physical activity while at the same time also giving her a maximum level of comfort and protection.

Compression bra is basically considered as a sports bra, and is therefore the right bra for women who participate in the following activities as running, mountain biking, aerobics, moderate hiking, skiing, inline skating, walking, road cycling, weight training, and yoga. For a woman who actively do or participate in any of these activities, this type of bra offers maximum support and protection that is targeted to avoid injury associated with active jostling and body movement during any activity.

How should a woman choose compression bra that is a perfect match for her? The following salient points should be considered. First, the exact cup size should be determined. As with other types of bras, this kind also come in the following variants according to different cup size such as A cups, B cups, C cups, D cups, and DD cups. The level of physical activity should also be taken into factor when considering to purchase this type of bra. For high impact physical activities such as running and aerobics, choose a bra that offers maximum support that fully restricts your breast cup movement. For light impact activities such as yoga, however, you can go for a bra that is less restrictive.

When shopping for your compression bra, you should carefully examine it for the following important components: band, shoulder straps, underwire, and wicking fabrics. The band is considered as the foundation of the bra and is the main source for its support. Choose the one with wide bands as it is more supportive than narrow bands. The shoulder straps serve to hold the cups bur it is not the main source of support. Choose ones that have a wide strap because it can do better in dispersing weight and therefore, it offers greater support than bras with narrow straps. The underwire is a plastic or metal reinforcement that runs along the cup of the bra. It should be flexible enough and should move with your body to prevent injuries. The wicking fabric serves to make you comfortable by taking moisture away from your skin. Look for compression bra that has a good wicking fabric while at the same time capable of offering maximum support. For a physically active woman, these are just some things to consider when looking for the right bra to wear.

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