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By: Gen Wright

Comparison shopping is not new on the Internet. Price comparison search engines have been invented for years. They are extremely useful, and can be used with ease to locate the best possible deals. Unfortunately, not many people know how to fully use this great technology to their advantage.

The greatest thing about comparison shopping is that you can find almost anything under the sun. In general, there are two types of comparison shopping.

The first type of price comparison shopping involves comparing prices from online retailers. These can be major retailers such as Amazon, Buy or Target. These retailers sell everything - from smaller items like books, CDs, DVDs, to large items like electronics, computers, and more. These are essentially new items. On price comparison websites, you can easily find the vendor that offers the cheapest price and make your purchase from there.

The second type of price comparison shopping involves comparing prices from auction sites. This is an often overlooked method for locating great deals. While many people believe that you usually find old and broken items on auction sites, experienced online shoppers know for a fact that this is not true.

Many auction site sellers have brand new wares that they sell online. There are many reasons why someone would want to put up brand new items for auction. For example, a seller may be trying to sell some gifts that have been left on the shelves for ages, and he didn't want them any more. Or he could have come across a great opportunity to acquire some products at great prices, and is now trying to make a profit auctioning them off.

Case in point, if you visit an auction site, you will find that Indiana Jones Lego Sets are widely available. You can find all sorts of Lego figures and sets from these auctions, including the ever popular Indiana Jones Lego Set Temple of the Crystal Skull.

Many Lego fans buy and sell Lego toys online. You can buy extra pieces from various Lego collections if you like, or you can find pieces that are currently missing in your existing collection. That means you can have a complete Lego set again without having to buy a whole set just to replace the missing pieces. Sometimes, even if you want to buy a whole new set, you may not be able to find them in retail stores, as they may be sold out. So relying on auction sites is a good way to source out the Lego toys that you want - at an unbeatable price!

Here, you never have to worry about exorbitant prices. On an auction comparison website, you can easily view what is happening to an auction in real time. You will be able to see the latest bid, the mode of payment accepted, and also the time left for placing a bid. You may then decide whether you want to place a bid or not. If the auction happens to go in your favor, you are in luck!

So make the best use of auction comparison websites when sourcing for new and used Lego toys.

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Compare prices for Indiana Jones Lego Sets and Lego Temple of the Crystal Skull - Unbeatable deals!

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