Comparing Goji Berries with Acai

By: Naomi Leung-Singh

By now most of us know, we are what we eat. For many years people have been consuming foods that are known to help our bodies. This is a great natural way to stay healthy and fit. The more antioxidants in a food the better. Period. In this article I am going to cover 2 major players in the game. Goji and Acai.
Goji Vs. Acai. Goji berries are by far the most superior super-food I have ever eaten. I have tried dozens of different brands, and have found that you get what you pay for. Goji Berries should have verified lab reports on the (ORAC) value. Most companies do not offer this, but make sure you find a company that does this so you know you are getting what you pay for. Good Goji Berries may have up to 25,100 (ORAC) value. Acai on the other hand generally has about 5,500 (ORAC). Now how can the commercial you saw be telling you the truth? They are not! Goji is almost 4 times as powerful as Acai. This article will give you clarification, and guide you to make the right descision when buying Goji or Acai.
You may have seen or heard them yourself on the radio or T.V. I am talking about the bold advertisments companies are running for Acai. They say Acai is the most powerful food in the world for you, and it can do amazing things. I am saying bull! I have done many personal test's and have found that Acai is just a SCAM! Period. I compared Acai and Goji Berries, and have some interesting facts to share with you. Goji Berries are almost 4 times as powerful as Acai. Acai contains up to 5,500 ORAC while the amazing Goji Berry may contain up to 25,100 ORAC. Now thats power, and Acai is bull.
Stop waiting, get on your way to better products and better health. Don't let these huge companies swindle you with their bogus sales pitch. All the evidence is right here in front of you. Goji berries blow Acai out of the water. Of course some berries are better than others. This is why I always make sure to find USDA Certified Organic berries, and make sure the company has verified lab reports to backup their Goji Berries. Make sure you are buying Authentic Goji Berries, not wolfberry, or fake Acai drinks or berries.

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If you are taking Acai, great, but also look into and consider taking Tibetan Himalayan Goji Berries Please take the time to educate yourself about Tibetan Himalayan Goji Berries that have been revered in Asia for centuries and offer signifciant nutritional benefits.

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