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By: Dominique Blacke

Common job interview questions and answers are aplenty in books, internet sites, blogs as well as newsletters and other such resources. There are simply so many of them. In a manner, this is a blessing however when you've tons of of pages of excellent job interview questions, how do you choose which of them to check, keep in mind and then use in your next job interview session? Well, right here is where the talents for planning for a job interview turns out to be useful to filter these job interview questions. In any case, it's often said that essentially the most time consuming but also essentially the most rewarding part of a profitable job interview process is the preparation itself.

So how is someone who are searching for top interview questions and good interview answers going to be successful at this? Here are a number of tips for job interviews you may wish to use in your preparations.

Firstly, it can save you plenty of time by being aware of the top interview questions from the industry you're in. There are clearly different types of questions for various industries. It is true that there can be some questions for job interviews which are widespread across pretty much all industries. Nevertheless, there are also industry specific questions you want to identify and prepare for. For example, if you are in the pharmaceutical industry, you will have to be able to reply technical questions which will likely be very different from someone in the food and beverage industry. So determine these questions and answers and list them down so you possibly can study them in more detail before your interview session.

Secondly, going through that many job interview sample questions will invariably show you a recurring pattern of the most common job interview questions which might be related across most industries. You will naturally pick this up. The questions might be rather comparable in such instances though there are prone to be many good interview answers to each of these. Why? Basically, every writer or expert like me who gives you advice is basing that interview advice on our personal experiences in addition to our own values.

That being said, it is even possible that the opposite is true. You may have the fortune (or misfortune) to meet an interviewer who totally disagrees with common questions and answers other interviewers expect. These will usually be due to the interviewer having totally different sets of values and priorities, either individual's or the company's. And since no two firm has the very same values and priorities at any one time, chances are you'll find yourself in such a position, facing such a job interviewer who does not believe in common questions and answers. These should be among the minority though.

Thirdly, if pressed for time, simply pick the top 10 job interview questions that appear to be the most common questions and answers that you come across in your research and preparation. Concentrate on these ten or so sample job interview questions and study them. Find out why they're asked and what the job interviewer is more likely to need from them. For example, some interview questions could also be asked to gauge your future plans while some others could also be to gain an insight into your values. So if you already know about these job interview questions, you can come up with your individual answers that still fulfill the purpose of the job interview questions.

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Brian Lee is a job interview instructor as well as career coach specializing in helping new graduates in entering the right career and job market. In addition to specializing in job interviews, he also specializes in guiding candidates towards the desirable profession path based on their values and aspirations in life. He publishes a blog on tips for job interviews in plain English that features subjects like common job interview questions and answers in addition to find out how to pick the fitting profession for oneself.

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