Common Membership Site Challenges

By: Neha Singla

Membership Sites -Way to face Common Membership Site Challenges
are one of the most lucrative business models on the internet. Some of the benefits include earning continual income, incurring less advertising expenses, earning the trust and respect of members, building your reputation, and being able to make various offers to members.
Membership sites can be very profitable indeed; but maintaining them is no walk in the park, especially if you donít have the proper knowledge or experience.
Here are the most common challenges encountered by membership site owners, and the steps you can take to resolve these issues.
1) You have to provide excellent content or products on a consistent basis.
To keep members happy and satisfied, you have to provide quality content.for more details Unless youíre happy creating the content yourself, youíre better off outsourcing the task to qualified freelancers, so you can focus on the moneymaking aspects of your business.
When you outsource, you may run the risk of hiring incompetent ghostwriters. Thatís why you should test them with a small assignment first to separate the wheat from the chaff.
Once youíve chosen your ideal freelancers, ask them if they can provide the same type of quality content on a consistent basis.
Before you launch your membership site, make sure that you have already found the best freelancers or ghostwriters for the job, and that they are committed to providing their services every month.
Keep the contact details of other good freelancers. In case your main ones fail to deliver due to any reason, you can choose the 2nd or 3rd best to fill in their positions.
2) Reports indicate that the average member cancels after 3 months.
Even if you have monthly income coming in, you need to continuously promote your membership sites so that new members can replace the ones who have cancelled.
However, your ultimate aim is to keep your members from canceling by providing excellent products and services. Over deliver and strive to exceed their expectations.
As an example, letís say youíre providing quality PLR products and teaching your members how to make money with them through a step-by-step system. If your techniques and products really work, and their ROI (return on investment) is high, theyíd be crazy to cancel their membership.
3) Membership sites have lower conversion rates than other site models.
Since membership sites charge monthly, people are more doubtful of joining because they have to shed out money every month without knowing if itís truly worth it. So how can you resolve this?
Forced continuity is the answer.visit You can set up a free trial offer or a special deal such as a ď$1 trial for 30 days.Ē You can then bill them monthly after the trial period, unless they cancel.
4) Members canít handle information overload.
Many membership sites simply provide too many materials that tend to get members confused.
Giving enormous amounts of valuable stuffs is an effective strategy to keep members; but it may backfire if the members donít know what to do with everything youíve given them.
Consider providing step-by-step, foolproof instructions on how to use the membership products. Unless you know your membersí knowledge or experience level, donít assume. Ask your members to fill up a survey so youíll know how to treat the majority of them. If there are many differing opinions or if in doubt, explain everything as if youíre doing it to a 12-year old.
5) You may have to deal with some unethical members (Members using one-time credit cards; those who sign up, download everything, and then cancel immediately; those who share their login info).
What you can do is to blacklist these unethical members so you can avoid having them as your customers in the future.
You may also use a download protection software like DL Guard to prevent members from sharing their download details.
Since we canít do much about these issues, donít waste your energy on them; just focus on the more important aspects of your business.
6) Credit card has been declined or has expired.
Use a membership management solution that allows a reminder email to be automatically sent to any member whose card has expired or has been declined.

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