Collect Diecast Model Cars

By: Chris Robertson

Are you an enthusiastic lover of cars? If you are, you probably collect diecast model cars. Whether it's a hot rod, a cruiser, a roadster, or a semi, a diecast model will help you re-live the pleasures of the open road.

High quality diecast models reflect the style, beauty, and details of the original cars and trucks. With details such as wheels with individual wire spokes, seats with working springs, automotive quality paint, doors that open, and revolving metal link chains, you might be ready to take your model for a spin around the block! A 1949 Buick Roadmaster Convertible, for example, has adjustable front wheels, and its doors, trunk, and hood all open up. Imagine cruising down the highway in this beauty!

Golden Legends

For collectors of the golden oldies, nothing beats a spectacular model layered in 24 karat gold. The original 1910 Tin Lizzie 1:32 scale model has real spoke wheels, a front door that opens, a detailed engine, and a center-hinged hood that opens. John Brown Headlamps and side-mount and rear carriage lanterns almost glow in the dazzling gold.

Fast forward to the 1930 Packard Speedster to see how cars changed in 20 years. A 1:32 scale model of the classic has opening front doors, a detailed engine, and an opening bi-fold hood. How they pack such detail into six little inches in a mystery!

Ford Mustangs

Mustangs are among the most popular diecast models. Ford introduced the original Pony Car in 1964. Mustang models trace the development of this legendary car through six generations--from the Fastback to the Boss to the Cobra to the SVO to the Saleen. With a prominent rear spoiler, a 1:18 scale model 2000 Mustang SVT Cobra has a detailed interior, steerable wheels, and a perfectly modeled engine. What color is it? Red, of course!

Chevrolet Corvette

Chevrolet started manufacturing the Corvette in 1953. Diecast models capture the development of this ultimate sports car from the originals through the Sting Rays to today's models. With its prostar rims and removable hood, the 1957 Corvette gives you a sense of what this car will become. You'll want to take off in the 1:24 scale model 2007 Corvette Indy 500 Pace Car with steerable front wheels, doors and hood that open, rubber tires, and detailed engine compartment.

Fire Trucks

Almost everyone has a childhood memory of a toy fire truck. Diecast fire truck models starting with the 1914 Ford Model T Fire Engine have extraordinary detail. With unwinding fire hoses, real wood ladders, and hoods that open, and detailed engines, these free wheeling models are fun for everyone. And don't forget the police diecast cars that accompany the fire trucks!

Entertainment Cars

Some cars are memorable for their roles in movie classics. Remember the 1940 Cadillac Series 75 from the Godfather, or the 1966 Batmobile Roadster? The Batcycle diecast model is a Batman fan's delight.

Diecast Collectors

Every collector has a different reason for his or her obsession. Whether you appreciate the fine designs and engineering, want to remember years gone by, or have fantasies of the trips you might still take, high quality diecast models are a pleasure to own.

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