Coffee cup reading can be creative, as well as interesting

By: Ratan Bhutani

You may term it as the instinctive weakness of humankinds. It may or may not be weakness. It may simply be a desire to know what lies in store. Whether it is a case of weakness or a deep desire to unravel the unknown; it cannot be denied that since the bygone days of yesteryears, people have used and maneuvered inputs diverse in numbers for the purpose of analysis. Tarots, stones, runic letters, crystal ball and the deals of astronomy have guided the flow of prediction. It is amazing as well as interesting to note that coffee cup reading and prediction with the use of tea leaves have also been ruling the roost.

Coffee in a cup is supposed to give way to patterns

It is believed that the patterns unleashed by a frothing cup of coffee can unveil loads about the future course of events. It is carried out with the help of ground coffee powder. According to the sources, the predictive influence of coffee cup reading had its origin in Asia. The Arabs introduced the trend and it gradually percolated throughout Asia. Gradually, the concept became popular all over the Europe, with the French and the Greeks leading the way.

Patterns are meaningfully indicative of the future, present and past

As far as the fundamental basics of the coffee cup reading is concerned, it is important to note that the power of prediction rests on the patterns unleashed. A cup of coffee, on close examination reveals loosely ground coffee powder. A psychic skilled in the art of coffee cup prediction minutely observes the pattern unleashed by the loosely ground coffee powder. The pattern is supposed to be laden with meaningful significance; the significance which can predict the possibility of an occurrence. The symbols produced may not be visible to a novice. But the psychics are able to discern and read through the symbolical build thus unleashed.

The divination requires skill and intuition

Despite not being overwhelmingly credible as a means of divination; there are good reasons to bank on the creative aspect of the coffee cup reading. While there can be loads of speculation as to its credibility and rationality; there is little harm in delving into the intuitive aspects of such a reading. According to the believers, it requires a judicious blend of skill, concentration, intuition and depth, to be a good coffee cup reader. There are online tips in plenty, whereby you can see into the future course of events by means of this device of divination. It is said that the icons bordering the cup are predictive of the future events, and those on its walls are reflective of the present scheme of happening.

But then, no prediction can be shaped out unless you are intuitive enough to see into the pictorial formation.

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