Cocoa Commodity Prices Are Affected By The US Economy

By: Cristian Stan

With the recent slump in the U.S. economy, cocoa manufacturers have experienced a downfall in their commodity pricing. The U.S. is one of the biggest consumers of cocoa, as it is the main ingredient of chocolate and chocolate drinks. The slowdown in the U.S. economy had triggered a not-so good effect in the cocoa industry all over the world.

The general outcome of the said crisis is lower demand for raw ingredients and materials, which include cocoa beans among many other items. Chocolate manufacturers are capitalizing on their reserves and are toning down their production facilities up until the storm is over.

As such, they are importing decreased quantities of cocoa beans as of the moment. The ones directly affected are actually the farmers, who are not in the position to adjust their current production. When the demand is low and the supply is high, the imbalance is usually addressed by elastic market prices.

As such, the price of cocoa beans has plummeted and would stay that way for as long as the U.S. is still in its recovery stages. While this seems to be bad news, there are some advantages that can be obtained from the situation. Since the commodity prices of cocoa is at its lowest this time of the year, big manufacturers outside the U.S. that are not totally hit by the recession can take advantage of it. It's their chance to import low-priced cocoa beans and cocoa products straight from top cocoa-producing countries like the Dominican Republic.

With good pricing, companies making chocolate bars, cakes, and beverages could easily raise their inventory level. By ordering in bulk while the price is relatively low, they will get more value for their money. Cocoa prices are expected to normalize once the U.S. economy is back on its feet, which is happening at a fairly fast pace.

The cocoa beans from the Dominican Republic are one of the best in the world. And like the rest of the cocoa bean farmers from all over, they too are hit with the same financial storm. However, their production and business processes are stable enough to withstand the crisis. While they may have to lower down the price of their cocoa beans a bit, they will surely be able to regain strength in the global cocoa market in due time.

Chocolate has been and will always be a symbol of luxury in developed countries. And what's even better about it is the fact that it is very affordable, unlike jewelry and all other items signifying luxury and wealth. So the chocolate industry is expected to recover in a fast and steady manner over time.

The current problem that cocoa farmers and chocolate manufacturers are facing right now won't last for long. The usual seamless shipping of raw ingredients and supplies will continue eventually. When the market is at its lowest point, economic policies play a very crucial role. And as far as the Dominican Republic cocoas are concerned, the future still looks great. Most of the cocoa farm owners operating in the soils of the Dominican Republic are holding office in the U.S. and in the rest of the major cities of the world. As such, you can expect that normal operations would continue despite the downturn of events.

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