Coaching Course How You Can Excel in Coaching

By: Gen Wright

Sometimes people's time schedules only permit them to learn a certain amount of information in a training course. This is a specific type of person most interested in taking a coaching course compared with a long term commitment to extensive training.

Reading newspapers in the business section, you might see interesting articles that can stimulate new ideas and techniques for your coaching courses. There are other things you can do to stimulate your coaching courses as well. You can make a lot of money with these people through seminars and courses.

1. Go to a vocational/technical center and offer to teach a class appealing to your niche market. You may only get an hourly wage for your efforts. However, think of the money you save in advertising when the school promotes you in their catalog for free. In some cities, 50,000 copies of the catalog are printed.

2. Do a joint venture with a local store that has meeting room. Offer to do a one-hour seminar appealing to your niche. You are working off the store's list. This is a great way to build your list.

3. Contact local business marketing or training directors about your expertise. If you can show them how you can save them time or money, you could get new customers from that business.

4. Be a leader in your community. When you're first with your innovative coaching ideas, that's a great marketing position in which to be!

5. As you provide your coaching course material, remember to require homework of your students. When they do homework, they are practicing the skills you've taught. This helps them quickly improve their business skills which directly helps them succeed in their business more easily.

6. In your Q&A sessions, suggest that students keep a journal of their answers. Encourage them to look at their skill level progress by comparing past and present journal entries.

7. Be yourself as you coach. Its much easier on you and them as you teach and helps build confidence that successfully coaches don't need to be fakes.

8. When you get to a tedious part of coaching, persevere. Every business requires the business owner to do activities that may seem boring and tedious. However, if you simply work through the tedium, it usually pays big dividends.

9. Always be reading and training yourself in the most cutting edge techniques in your coaching business. This provides fresh information for your students and keeps them long term customers for you.

10. Encourage your students to think in open-minded ways. This makes learning new concepts easier for them and keeps them competitive.

11. Keep your quality content consistently useful and up to date. Your clients will appreciate your cutting edge techniques.

12. Purposely network with other coaches. Sharing ideas with colleagues can be a valuable resource for you all.

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