Cleansing The Soil

By: Gen Wright

There is this thing that is a constant in everyone's life and has been so since the beginning of time. Not even the greatest minds or teachers of the world have been able to escape this issue. At least to my knowledge, the omnipresent energy of mind, body, and spirit has been subject to the lowliness of being soiled and having need for restorative cleanliness.

Accumulation of physical dirt is easy to see. We see even the dust particles that are ever present as the sun reveals with in a certain angle of it's rays. Mental uncleanness can go unnoticed, unless one's thoughts are so foul that not even the thinker can denied it's taste for negativity. Spiritual cleanliness like the minds woes, can go unnoticed. From a personal perspective it seems that the heart and mind make up the spiritual condition. Nevertheless, all three of these aspects to the human experience are subject to needs of cleanliness.

So simple is it to clean our body's skin, with soap and water. Our inner body is a bit more complex though. For inner healthy bodily cleaning there are detoxification solutions, water, organic whole foods, meditation...

What we feed our minds is the cleansing solution for mental well being. We are feeding our minds more so than we are our physical bodies. There is a constant taking in of the things all around such as people, what we see, our perspectives, what we read, watch, and our surrounding environment. The only time we are not feeding our minds is when we sleep, and many have said that even this is not entirely true due to the influences of dreams. Every opportunity to tune out negative thinking through the company of positive people, videos, movies, books, audio, meditation... is a way to clean up your mental powerhouse.

As I mentioned earlier the spiritual condition in my opinion is the result of our heartfelt feelings and our core thinking or beliefs. The energy that sustains the body and brain also permeates through the mind and spirit. Cleansing here also comes through what is being fed to it. Feelings of gratitude, giving, kindness, love, meditati... are the feedings for a healthy soul which all begin the journey from our thinking first.

Once we know and apply the disciplines necessary to practice ways to cleanliness it important to apply maintaining such good conditions. The best thing to acknowledge first may be the understanding that both bad and good habits most often develop in time. When ever we are letting go of an old way, it is useful to give ourselves time in the letting go, and to remember we don't fail until we accepted failure. We cannot claim that failure isn't an option for what others do with their life, but we can claim it as our own way of life. This is true for developing good habits as well.

You may have noticed for mind, body, and soul, the one constant to cleanliness is meditation. The practice of meditation is to let go of physical and mental pressure and stresses and allowing spiritual energy to flow harmoniously. The process when done successfully should leave one feeling rejuvenated in mind. body and spirit.

As we address the constant need for cleanliness of mind, body and soul we can better appreciate the many resources available to help us in the process. Eat right, drink plenty of water, take in positive thoughts, feel good and meditate regularly.

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