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By: Cesar Muler

Life can never be fun without games. Games are associated with kids but look at the number of adults that play different types of games and you know how important games are in our lives. And the good news is that one doesn't necessarily need to spend to play games. Let's take computer games for example. There are so many websites that offer online games for free. But none of these websites are better than the friv websites. Visit juegos friv websites and you will get the largest collection of free, online games to play. There are gaming websites that have more than seven to eight hundred titles listed on their homepage.

Game titles can cost a lot of money. Those that buy game titles like FIFA, Call of Duty and Grand Theft Auto spend a lot of money to own these games. They need to spend this much because these game titles cost a lot of money to develop, manufacture and market. The game developers obviously design these games to make money out of them so why wouldn’t they charge for them? And modern game developers know how fickle minded the gamers are. If the games are not updated every now and then and new challenges are not thrown in they are bound to look for other games.

But there is no such issue with friv game developers. They take some of the most popular retro games and develop new games using characters like Sonic the Hedgehog, Mario and Pokemon. There is a cost of acquiring the license but these game developers make money through numbers. Juegos friv websites have hundreds of free games listed and there are many ads that are displayed along with the games. As players play the games they also click on these ads and this is how these websites make money out of their games.

As far as the friv gamers are concerned they are mostly young kids and young adults. These games are designed in a manner to improve their analytical and conceptual skills. All these games have intelligent concepts used in their development. As one passes one level they have a new challenge to overcome and this is what keeps the gamers going. These games have the simplest of layouts and one can play these games using a few keys on their PC keyboard. As far as adults are concerned they are happy with their kids playing juegos friv because there are educative values about many of these games. And in any case when kids play these games they stay away from TV.

The friv websites keep releasing new titles every now and then, just like the other game developers do. Hence, for the fans of juegos friv there is always something new to look forward to. And the games are so attractive that even adults love playing these games. Playing these games can act as stress busters and we all know how much stress we go through in the modern world.

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For the cleanest and simplest games let kids visit friv websites. Kids playing juegos friv develop their analytical skills and concepts.

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