Choosing the best pet house

By: Helen Gurley

Having a pet is an exhilarating experience, and can be one of the best things you do to give back to nature. Once you have a pet, their care and comfort are your responsibility, and therefore it is necessary that you take all care and concern that the pet is leads a generally comfortable life. Just like humans, homes play a very important role in an animal's life, especially if they are domesticated. Therefore, you should ensure that you buy the best and most comfortable house for the pet, and here are some tips that will help you find the right one.

All animals are different, and so are their needs and requirements. A dog's requirements will be different from a cat's, and a cat's would have nothing in common with a rat's requirements. Therefore, it is necessary to buy the right type of house for the pet animal. Go to any pet supplies store and you will find various pet hours that manufacturers design for different animals. If you plan to have a temporary accommodation for the pet, like a tweaked up shoe box for a cat or a dog, make sure that it is temporary and get a proper dog or a cathouse at the earliest.

You should consider the size of the pet too. If the house is too small for the pet, they will be uncomfortable, which will make them irritable and snappy, and it might affect their health. The best way to do this is to take the pet along while buying the pet house, and check whether the animal is comfortable in the house in the shop.

Also, choose the design of the pet house carefully. Some pets may panic just seeing that they are in a cage, while others will want restraining, which can only be possible with the visibility of a concrete house. Ensure that you can feed the pet without much ado, and that the pet house has enough place for the pet to enjoy their food. Of course, you should periodically clean the pet house.

For smaller pets, consider whether you can access the animal when it is inside the cage. Many a times, when a pet is ill, they will curl up into a corner in their houses, and you might find it difficult to take them out if the cage is too big or too small.

Consider the material that the pet house comprises of, and whether the pet will be comfortable in it in the weather conditions that you live in. Some materials heat up almost immediately, while others keep the heat and cold out for the most part. Living in bad weather conditions, whether artificial or natural will affect the pet's health and mentality.

These are some aspects to consider while choosing a pet house. Several manufacturers offer a wide range of such houses, and in some cases, the local pet supplies shop will provide you with tailor-made pet shops too. You can even take the suggestions of the sales people in the shop about what kind of house is best for your pets.

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