Choosing the Most Favorable Toy

By: Travis Olague

A grown-up can keep their most favorable toy for many years but it can be fresh in his or her memory during all of their lives, because this very particular toy was the one he or she was so was passionately fond of. The toy can be for example a teddy bear, a talisman, bringing luck or simply any lovely and pleasant thing. That is why toys are very important for children. The toys create a special world where children grow up, develop and learn to live.

How to choose a good toy?
How can you make a good choice of toys for your babies? First of all it is very important and significant for a toy to benefit an infant rather than to do them harm. You must avoid buying toys containing harmful and bad for the health substances, which might cause different allergies, toys which have fluff on them coming out from inside of the soft toy and toys which can't be washed problematically. Toys as well as all goods manufactured for children must be
hygienic packed and sold in specialsed stories.

Toys have to be chosen taking into consideration the baby's age group. You have to be very attentive and careful buying a toy for a little baby, make sure that the new toy is not scary for them. If a child of 8-9 years can play with a scary spider monster, a little baby will be scared and will burst into tears. That is why soft playthings purchased for a little baby have to look friendly and make the infant happy.

At the young age big and simple shapedbaby toys (cube, ball) have an encouraging and favorable effect on babies. The playthings should be of bright colors but not too bright. And the first thing you must be sure of is the toys safety from the point of view of traumatic injuries. You have to avoid purchasing toys with sharp edges and sticking out pieces of iron and springs or toys with some parts which can be easily taken off. Babies furniture must be safe too.

The magic power of toys
When a child reaches the age of 3-4 years there is a special group of toys for him or her, which is more complex and diverse. These toys satisfy many wants of growing kids: they can design and reproduce using different construction units, systematise their models with toy animals, furniture. Even they can work out accumulated energy and aggression using guns, bows and other military machinery and equipment. . For the girls this period is the dollepoch. At this age girls adjust to the social environment. With the help of the educational baby toys they create an atmosphere of home, cafe, school etc. And such toys as kitchen cookers, toy baby carriages, dolls and others can be considered as toys of great value. Children imitate their parents, doctors, and teachers and here soft toys with dolls are their wards: pupils, patients and their own children.
Dolls and soft playthings are real beings for children; the toys have names, dispositions and fates. And children usually treat them in the way their parents do, feeding the toys, taking them for a work, putting them to sleep and even give them a nice spanking.

Purchasing a toy is a challenge but it can turn into a real pleasure if you follow the advice and suggestions.

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