Choosing the Best Colon Cleansers

By: Adeel Qureshi

Natural Colon Cleansing has been practiced by human beings for centuries. There are evidences that suggest that the application of colon cleansing goes all the way back to ancient Greece. The concept regained impetus in the 1930s when it was promoted in the United States. Since then, several colon cleansing treatments and products have been introduced in the market. Before you look out for the best colon cleansers in the market, it is important for you to understand the need and the benefits of a thorough colon cleanse.

Understanding Autointoxication

The ancient belief of autointoxication is responsible for the origin of colon cleansing. According to this belief, the food that we eat, meat and vegetables remain undigested in the colon. This leads to heavy particle build up and also causes mucus build up that is harmful for the body. These organic particles when acted upon by putrefying bacteria release toxins that are harmful. These toxins then enter the blood stream, poisoning the system. Some common symptoms that indicate the need for detoxification are constant headache and fatigue, increase in weigh and also low energy levels. Therefore, it is important to eliminate these toxins on a regular basis.

Why is Colon Cleansing Necessary?

The best colon cleansing products, natural or allopathic, are recommended to provide certain common benefits. Our body requires more than just regular bowel movements to keep the colon healthy. Here are a few reasons why one must opt for colon cleansing:

The digestive system is able to function better as the undigested food that remains in the system is removed from the system.

Constipation is prevented. One of the most common reasons for toxic build up is constipation. This reduces the digestive response and also leads to a lot of discomfort.

When your body is free from toxins, the energy levels go high. You will be able to feel revitalized as sleep is more restful and the circulation of blood is optimum.

With regular detoxification, your body’s ability to absorb nutrients increases. When the colon is cleansed, there is no scope for bacteria and toxins to enter the blood stream. As a result, only water and necessary nutrients make their way into your system resulting in optimum health.

Weight loss is aided as the fats and the remaining food in the intestines is completely eliminated. There are several instances where people have lost close to 20 pounds by regularly detoxifying the system.

The Best Colon Cleansers

There are several colon cleansing supplements available in the market. However, the best colon cleansers are those that are available naturally. Eating foods that are high in fiber and omega-3 fatty acids are extremely effective in improving digestion. Some of these foods like avocadoes, apple and flaxseeds have the ability to absorb any excess food or toxins and eliminate them from the system. If you are looking for supplements that are convenient, the best colon cleaners are those that are made of herbal extracts.

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