Choosing a Location for an Event

By: Sarah Carlye

When planning an event, the location of the event will be what sets the tone of the event. It will be what makes it an amazing, memorable event or an event that is best forgotten. Before planning an event, research the options for the location so you can choose the best one that is suited for your events needs. To get help with planning an event find local party planners like Paramarx, which is located in New York City.

Here are some of the decisions you will need before planning an event location:

Dress attire that is expected or required-decide if the event will be casual, formal, or somewhere in between. A formal happy hour shouldn’t be held in the city park and a casual event with chips and dip shouldn’t be held in an upscale bar in New York City. You will need to match the dress attire with the event location

Number of guests to be invited-usually about one third of the guests invited to an event will show up for the event. What if your well-planned event has a higher percentage of guests accept? When choosing an event location, choose one that can accommodate the number of guests expected and be flexible about the final count. Arrange to give a final count on the number of guests as close as possible to the event being planned so that it is an accurate estimation. There will always be a few extra guests but there are also those who plan to attend that are unable to make it at the last minute, it will balance out.

Cost to guests and to host-there can be no cost to the guests or a charge to attend an event, depending on the type of even being planned. It is important to let guests know ahead of time what their costs will be to attend the event. For events that will have a charge, be sure guests know what it covers. For example, will the ticket to the event include dinner and soft drinks or will it include dinner and an open bar. Some events like a bachelorette party, may have Hors D’oeuvres provided by the host of the event, with the guests paying for their own drinks at the bar.

The type of venue for event-depending on the event, different venues will meet the needs of the event. A bar will be best for groups of people that may not be familiar with each other. A lounge is a little more intimate and usually has seating that groups people together. This would be a good choice for people who know each other. For events with energetic guests, a nightclub would be the venue of choice.

Event location-know where most of the guests will be coming from and choose a location that is centrally located. It can be a plus if there is convenient public transportation to the event. Availability of parking should also be considered when planning the location of the event.

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