Choosing Maryland criminal lawyer as a Profession

By: Anastasia Moore

Are you the kind of person who loves intellectual debates? Do you love solving puzzles and mysteries? Most particularly, do you have a fixation with crime and criminal minds? If you are a high school senior and are still confused about the kind of work you want to be in, perhaps you should consider being a Maryland criminal lawyer. I mean, come on. Let’s not kid ourselves. We know you want to be Sherlock Holmes. But since this is not London and you do not live in 221B Baker Street and you don’t have the IQ of 190 (not to mention the amazing ability of flawless deduction), let’s explore this more reachable (but still fulfilling) alternative.

A Maryland criminal lawyer—what is so special about that? Well, given your personality, this profession can turn out to be quite of interest to you. You see, criminal lawyers deal with more notorious stuff than discussing family feud or trying to get corporations out of a hitch. Criminal lawyers need a neat mix of brains, wit, and instincts. You need challenge, adventure. It does not matter if you are prosecuting suspects or defending them. The thrill with this line of work is you doing all that to takes to prove that your client’s claim or accusation is the right thing.

Proving that someone is right is a lot harder than anyone thinks, especially in front of a judge and a jury in the middle of a freaking court. That can bring cold feet to many people. That may not be a problem with you though if you are trained for debates. We all know that court trials are way larger than debates. That is why lawyers have to bring all their weapons and lay all their good cards in the table. However, brilliant ones always have aces up their sleeves.

A Maryland criminal lawyer may be one of the most stressful of all the law practices, but it remains to be the most exciting and self-boosting of professions. You will get the feeling when you are actually doing the job. There is a certain thrill in every new case. There is that adrenaline rush every time you are working on a case. There is that sense of animal competence in every court trial. You will see it in every criminal lawyer in the trial proceeding. Go to any court and observe for yourself.

Of course, you can always choose all the other professions like marketing or public relations perhaps. These are as stressful as criminal law anyway. However, do you know what is not in marketing or PR? Criminal law involves actual lives at stake. You have the opportunity to save a life—even more so, to clear a reputation. The best thing is that you actually have what it takes to make it in this profession. You can go to senate with your mad debating skills, be a politician. But doesn’t being a Maryland criminal lawyer bring more satisfaction and self-worth? Think about it. It’s your future anyway.

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Anastasia Moore is a paralegal in Maryland. Know more about Maryland criminal lawyer here.

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