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By: BriannaNevaeh

Men do not have a tendency to waste time on buying clothing items. Most generally when buying a suit, men choose the color based on two factors. The salesman that is selling the suit is saying the color looks good on the man and the man cannot really think anything wrong with the color that is being presented. Soon a suit is sold and the man walks home with a random color suit. This color may or may not suit the man. This is because not all colors go with all complexions. Men do not understand that simply choosing a color because it fits in is not the way to buy the suit. A man should spend some time in figuring out what color suits his complexion the best. It is not about choosing the suit that looks the best but it is about choosing a suit that makes you look the best. And choosing a suit whose color will go along well with your complexion will help to ensure that the suit is the best fit for you.

There are about three colors that dominate the male suit industry. It is the navy blue and the charcoal gray. This is not because men look their best in these colors, but these colors are widely accepted on suits. The dark suits can seamlessly transit between business and pleasure. This means that weather you are going for a business meeting in the morning or you are heading to a tuxedo party in the night, you can wear any dark color that would suit the occasion. This probably means that you can keep the suit on that you wore for the meeting and head to the party in the night. These colors are classy and bring about a certain standards in men. However there are other colors also that you can choose. Let us have a look at these colors.

Taupe is a color that has recently hit the market. This color has a shade of gray and brown and falls as a mixture of both. If your wardrobe is filled with suits of the ordinary color and is crying for a change then this is one color that would help to ensure that you have a choice in difference. This color is different but yet looks to maintain that professional appearance that you can carry forward to your board meetings.

Light gray is a good color for the spring. If you live in a warmer climate then the white gray color is best suited for you to wear all round the year. You can wear this with white, light blue or any such color shirt.

Another great color for summer is white. White is classy and can be the best choice for suits in summer. This will also ensure that you stand out in the crowd as this suit would radiate confidence. This color is often hard to come by so when you are wearing such a color be ready to be the center of attraction.

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