Choi Lee Fut and its 10 Training Principles

By: Alissa. B

Choi Lee Fut is a a traditional kung fu style that was founded in the 1800s. To be a true disciple of the art, Chan Heung, the founder, outlined 10 principles for students to follow.

1. Find a teacher to be properly guided.
2. Train to the fullest ability, enduring all the pain and hardship that comes with it in order to improve discipline.
3. Have a winning mindset for the success of the individual and collective. However, if one cannot win, then give the challenge to someone else in the group who can.
4. Do not partake in sexual intercourse if it is contrary to morality or religion. Maintain a virtuous lifestyle.
5. Eat well. This doesn't only mean eat a lot - it means eat nutritious foods of healthy portions and avoid refined and processed foods.
6. Maintain good levels of self confidence and self esteem, displaying a strong demeanor. However, do not be arrogant and disrespectful.
7. Improve stamina to last any duel, since sometimes even the best techniques cannot result in victory.
8. Develop the ability to yell forcefully and with spirit during a movement. This will improve strength, startle an opponent and protect the body from blows.
9. Never surrender and endure the duel with abilities that have been obtained from training, such as skill, stamina, and proper technique.
10. Train endlessly. Abilities can only be improved on with daily training.

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