Chocolates: More than Indulgence for Valentine's Day

By: Art Barron

If you've seen the movie Chocolat, you know that chocolate has the capability to turn an entire village around. Chocolate can initiate a potentially steamy hook-up; it can rekindle passion in a relationship that has fallen into routine. And yes, apparently it can even make your uptight grandmamma smile, so make sure you indulge only with caution!
Chocolat's plot is not wholly fiction. You really can ascribe tons of great things to chocolate. For this reason, chocolate remains a reliable bet when choosing gifts for your partner this Valentines Day.
But have you ever wondered why? What does chocolate have that causes it to become so sought-after and so special?
Chocolate has always been symbolic for romance. Chocolate communicates attraction, appreciation and sincere affection. In fact, ancient cultures like the Aztecs considered chocolates as a love potion, and this is a belief that even us in this day and age subscribe to, with but few variations. This is evidenced by the way chocolate remained part of many courting rituals; even across borders and across the decades.
Traditionally, chocolate represents the hard work of a suitor who seeks to woo his lady love by producing something as special as chocolate from the humble cacao. Today, giving someone chocolate symbolizes the same kind of effort and valuing, even if getting chocolate today is a lot easier than it was back then.
Chocolate seduces. Let's get off the pretenses here, and talk the nitty-gritty! Valentine's Day is perfect for that "special" time with your mate, and chocolate is said to be the best aphrodisiac.
Chocolates are rich, silky, and smooth in the mouth. Every bite invokes sensuality and palatable satisfaction. Play with the richness of each bite and indulge yourselves, as well as your fantasies. Chocolate tempts and seduces like no other.
Interestingly, the connection between sex and chocolate has already been proven scientifically. Studies show that our brains produce the same chemical euphoria-inducing when having sex as when we're eating chocolate. This means that chocolate is really designed to give us that happy, romantic and pleasurable feeling. A perfect mood setter!
Chocolate brings people closer. Since Valentine's Day is meant to be for lovers, so why not use the opportunity to spend the day bonding with your partner over chocolate?
Bond over time spent in choosing which chocolates you get to bring home. Get to know your partner better by knowing what her preferences are, and even how her personality type fits her selections.
You're only limited by your own creativity on this one! Visit a chocolate cooking or baking class together, go to a chocolate buffet, or, if you're feeling extra frisky, get a "chocolate body paint kit" (brush included), and paint up a storm. The opportunities are endless, so play with it all you want!
Chocolate is good for you. Since the overall message of Valentine's is love, then chocolate is the best messenger for this particular message!
Don't think that chocolates are just sugar and empty calories. Cocoa, the main component of chocolates, is rich in antioxidants. Research shows that antioxidants aids in preventing heart diseases and surprisingly helps in managing blood pressure. Here's a tip: go for dark chocolates. The darker the chocolate, the higher the antioxidant content to lessen bad cholesterol. If you're going to have a healthy relationship, why not have a healthy heart while you're at it?

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